Review: Mangan's Meryenda at P120 is cheap and delicious

Poor service beats the taste of good food in restaurants.
Officers of the Quezon City Secondary School Paper Advisers (QCSSPAA) headed to SM North Annex to sample the Meryenda Choices of Mangan Restaurant after a long meeting at the Division of City Schools Quezon City Conference Room today.
For P120, we tried their plates of Meryenda (snack meals) in sets of Ginataang Bilo-Bilo, Pancit Luglug, Sotanghon all served with Puto Bumbong, Bibingka, Okoy and iced tea and it took a long time for the food to be served. The waiters were not accommodating and each dish was served in succession of ten minutes for three people when we were all 16 in a group. One of the adviser wanted to cancel his order since all members already finished his meal was served.
 I had Pancit Luglug which surprisingly was Bihon noodles (small tiny fetuccini thin type of noodles) when I had in mind that of big white noodles served as pancit luglug in other restaurants. I asked everyone with me who tried it which among the dish in the plate they loved the most and Bibingka was the unanimous choice. It was moist, hot and spongy baked rice cake with cheese and sugar on top served with coconut grits.
For the hungry customer, the service would be so poor making the customers wait without a disclaimer that each dish had to be prepared individually although we ordered in sets but I thought maybe the waiters were new in this Mangan Restaurant chain. Maybe the training of the service crew was not enough to satisfy the customers' needs. Anyway the meryenda meal sets should not be thought as snack because the plate with those famous Filipino and famous Pampanga dishes will really fill your stomach to your heart's content.

The food was really good I'd want to eat the other choices of meryenda meals but definitely not in this branch.

For more information:
Mangan Restaurant
2nd floor, SM City North EDSA Annex
open during mall hours