A hostage drama usually turns into a satire

Photo ganked from the plurk of Backtweet Boy at http://images.plurk.com/184542_f89487429561edae5d306ab378bb516b.jpg
Filipinos have become famous in the world for smiling, waving and posing at cameras in the midst of crisis, war and violence. The culture of indifference, lack of training and awareness and incompetence in the rules of engagement will be thoughts to ponder of why the hostage-drama turned to a bloodbath yesterday but I believe it is more of communication. Just like the Ms.Universe-Philippines answering the question - "mistake" replied to as a "problem" with such lack of proficiency is relative to the situation and the person concerned, the story would have had a different ending if communication was really effective among officials. I am still curious as to the details of how the hostage was communicated to the public looking at this picture and how the officials disseminated information and if the communication disseminated was of standard procedure or the usual chaotic drama of officials not used to these kind of situations that made the situation worse. 
Thank you to Ms. Venus Raj for at least uplifting the Filipino in the midst of questions and crisis over the said hostage incident!
We are all proud of you!