Event: SM Hypermarket's Dream Home Bed Linen and Covers

Sleep science should not just include time management. Bed linen needs to be perfect to get a better feel to sleep.
SM Hypermarket launched DREAM HOME products from the Canadian brand, home of quality bed linen, sheets and blankets at SM Hypermarket Adriatico last friday. 
It was amusing to discuss colors reflective of personality and mantra before sleep when they've discussed the color wheel and how the said products follow the complimentary color coordination. Dream Home products released new different varieties of bed linen, sheets and pillowcases in perfect color coordination matching the personalities of the customer.
From the proper way to fold the pillowcases and fitted sheets to the most ingenious tip to properly store the sets of bed linen to the closet and cabinets, Dream Home product manager narrated tips and techniques that taught us all how to choose the best bed linen and covers. Paint and designs used by Dream Home was even given recognition for its safety using the most recommended chemicals to suit the customers' taste. 
Participants were invited to choose their designs and some also tried folding the fitted sheet usually difficult for all. I have learned a lot from SM Hypermarket's Dream Home Event and I hope to learn more in the future.
Upon inspecting my own sets of bed linen, I've realized I have two sets from Canadian brand and it was indeed more comfortable knowing the pillowcases with great seals and folds will not displace the pillow and keep your bed in perfect color coordination and organization. No wonder I've always chosen to use this brand not knowing it was from Canadian brand.
This will definitely be one of my wishlist for Christmas and will be a great choice to give friends and family.

For more information visit any SM Hypermarket and look for Dream Home products from Canadian brand of bed linen and sheets, available in all branches nationwide.