Event: My first lecture about Online Writing for QCSSPAA

I believe I'm a better writer than a speaker but I'd always grab the opportunity to share my thoughts when solicited. I can not be formal like what my mom wanted me to be but I know I have a lot to share, so the patient will definitely benefit than those clueless, indifferent and incompetent majority.
August 10, 2010, New Era HS, Quezon City was the date I'd say many are adamant on the power of online writing due to lack of updates with the trend in media today. I was asked to deliver a lecture and I've discussed in detail the steps how to follow the mechanics of thepoc.net (page no longer available)when they held the said contest in NSPC Davao last February. Those I thought were necessary regardless of the many who are not web savvy and not online.
So many listened and I believed the campus journalists and not the advisers appreciated the lecture since the students took down notes while I delivered all the steps and more students were aware of the shortcut keys on browsing the internet more than their advisers.
The division supervisor in journalism and private schools, Dr. Ligaya Regis commended my lecture and was convinced to start blogging. Many of my acquaintances in the Quezon City Secondary School Paper Advisers Association recognized and thanked me for the said talk but I know that the time will come when they'd all fully recognize the impact of online media to journalism. Not now and they'd still have to be amused soon how the other regions fared in teaching online writing in schools.
Meanwhile, I'd continue covering events and mingling with my league of bloggers - those I've known since college - where I am most appreciated and where I truly belong.