Event: The Mind Museum's Cafe Scientifique goes Unscientifique

Humor need not be dirty.
SPIT-Silly People's Improv Theatre group showed us all what a world without science would be like at the Bonifacio High Street Tensille Tent yesterday afternoon. Sponsored by the Mind Museum and Italliani's Restaurant, SPIT group performed interactive improv theatre acts guessing at scientific words and had the audience participate at games and acts that drawed more attention of bystanders in the Bonifacio High Street despite the rains.
Who wouldn't know the witty Gabe Mercado? From the familiar Camera Cafe TV series, he was a famous actor in stints:
  1. Vox Populi (2010) .... Business Club President
  2. The Wanderer in the Land of Elementalia (2008) (voice) .... Jo
    ... aka "Dayo" - Philippines (original title)
    ... aka "The Wanderer" - Philippines (English title)
  3. "Camera café" (2007) TV series
  4. "Majika" (2006) TV series .... Dibin (2006)
  5. "Direk" (2005) TV series
  6. Kung ako na lang sana (2003) .... Oscar
  7. Jologs (2002) .... Pastor
  8. Videoke King (2002) .... Rolly
  9. Amen: A Brown Comedy (2002)
  10. Baliktaran: Si Ace at si Daisy (2001) (as Gabie Mercado)
  11. Narinig mo na ba ang l8est? (2001) .... Dennis
  12. "Eto na ang susunod na kabanata" (2001) TV series .... JP
  13. Minsan, minahal kita (2000) .... Alex 
He trained legendary Second City founder Paul Sills at the Wisconsin Theater Games Center, SPIT has performed in various events and venues all over the country.
The audience participated and awed at the young girl and the geeky guy who made sounds in each act played by the SPIT performers explaining quantum physics. Scientific words and theories were performed in hilarious acts and I was at the edge of my seat gawking with laughter while many moved to the side when it rained. The crowd never wanted the show to end as they were all entertained and amused with SPIT's performance.
SPIT should be seen by children and the childish because their humor will not just make you think and boost more students to appreciate science and learning. It will also make you want to be one of the improv theatre performers in constant sharing of wits and ideas in a fun and interactive activity. 
Hats off to SPIT group and Mr. Gabe Mercado! 
Thank you very much to Mind Museum in Taguig and curator Ms. Maria Isabel Garcia, SPIT and Mr. Gabe Mercado, Yehey team and all who were at the Tensille Tent for this memorable funny yet learning experience! I hope to join you in more shows and more activities soon!

For more information:
SPIT-Silly People's Improv Theatre visit http://www.spithappens.info/SPIT/Welcome.html for more details
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