Event: Immuvit's Run Against Time

Exercise is the fountain of youth.
The young will want to get old and the old will want to get young. The ironic desire is primarily due to health reasons the adult faces considering the expensive medical expenses covering such desire. Immuvit's Run Against Time campaign initiated by this multivitamin supplement rich in two ginseng (korean and siberian)to boost the immune system and known to have super healing powers is paired with COQ10, the renowned antioxidant that repairs and reverses the cellular damage caused by free radicals held the said event August 21, 2010 at Bonifacio High Street.
Hosted by the popular public relations director, Mr. Chris Cahilig, the event was participated by media and athletes followed by the memorable lecture on lifestyle coaches, Mr. Bobby Del Castillo (who'd be trekking the famous North Pole in the next months) and Coach Jim Saret (the Philippine Basketball Team-Team Gilas coach) on Aging and How to Defy Aging processes.
Mr. Bobby Del Castillo taught us all how lifestyle change can really make a difference in your life and how it will not just improve your health but your well-being. That it takes exercise, discipline and commitment of at least 20 minutes everyday to meditate and 20 minutes everyday to commit to a plan on healthy living to defy aging and live a happy life.
Coach Jim Saret amazed us with a video of the senior citizens in the US doing "snatch" in weightlifting on their birthday with enlightening lecture on SOMATOPAUSE, SOMATOTROPIN and how META-FIT exercise coupled with powerful multivitamin supplement like IMMUVIT can help defy aging process and beneficial to our health.
Amazing how simple fast, intense and weight-bearing exercises can be considered Meta-Fit exercise routines we can all do everyday to release the SOMATOTROPIN needed to defy the aging process and stay healthy and fit.
The second part of the event was the run of all participants concerned. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Chris Cahilig, to the brand manager of Immuvit, Mr. Jason Lowell Thomas,media and bloggers, Sire,Mabelle,Leirs, Alex, Ryan, Alex, Carl, Jonel Uy, Alvin Chua and girlfriend, Vince, and the others for this learning experience. 
It made me realize how my mom's nagging on short and doable exercises everyday can really help my lifestyle and I was totally convinced on taking Immuvit everyday.
This event was made possible by Runnr and Avida Land Corporation with Immuvit Multivitamins.
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