Benjamin Gubatina is one Ironman to watch!

You'd ask who and I'd say remember the name Benjamin Gubatina. This 22-year old Ironman athlete joined Ironman 70.3 Camarines Sur Water Complex and finished the triathlon race proudly representing the Philippines to the said world competition last week along with celebrities and professional athletes. 
Quite unbelievable to watch a former asthma patient could possibly qualify for a world athletic competition like that of Ironman in the age group 18-24 ranking no. 7 at 5:37:59 time for the whole leg. Although Pete Jacobs of Sydney, Australia topped the race, Gubatina was determined to join more of Ironman races in other countries hosting in the next months.
Sponsored by Figaro Philippines and Bostik Super Glue, Gubatina finished ahead of the amateur racers biking, swimming and running 70.3 miles in such a short time. He was excited to share his stories of exercises and fitness routines including his regular competition in Jiu Jit Su Competition in Fremont, California.
He is one example the Filipino youth should follow with his courage to compete and passion in sports many are not familiar with. I wouldn't be surprised one day that the name Benjamin Gubatina would soon be one name to follow the fame of world sports superstars like Manny Pacquiao. 
It does take a lot of heart and will to accomplish a race and more importantly - a goal. So let's all aim high for Gubatina and aim high for the Filipino!