Review: Why there is always a long line in Pao-Tsin

It's tasty and best of all - cheap.
Everytime I'd go to any SM mall especially beside the supermarket, I'd find a flock of people in Pao-Tsin. I've eaten a meal or two from fellow school paper advisers during meetings and conferences at DepEd QC but I didn't really notice the long lines until I've gone to SM Fairview Hypermarket and saw the service crews from other fast-food and salesclerk of SM line up to get a meal.
I was surprised by this family with children eating the Shark's Fin Dumplings with Hainanese Rice (P45) and really enjoyed it. Well, with the prices of dishes in Chinese Restaurants around the mall, where can you get a Shark's Fin dumpling at P45?
I saw no website, franchise or marketing of Pao-tsin posters in malls and in traditional media but the constant patrons of Paotsin must have been constantly eating here because of its price, its taste (truly filled with real ingredients in each dumpling) and the generous serving of Hainanese rice at each meal with the spicy chili sauce Pinoys would love.
These remind me of history back when the Spanish friars dump innards and chicken feet and heads at gutters the Chinese traders would make "isaw"  and sell to the Filipino farmers outside those Intramuros walls.
Have we changed?

Did you know that:
1. Tsin or Chin (both: jhin) [key], dynasty of China that ruled from 265 to 420, after the period of the Three Kingdoms.
2. Pao in Japanese means bread, chinese variant of Bao (which means wrap)
3. Korean's dumpling stuffed with "kimchi" called "Kimchi-Mandu(k)" is only eaten during birthdays and lunar new year for good luck and prosperity.(while we eat our dumplings everyday any time of the day,LOL)

For more information:

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Dumpling Served With

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Pandan Cooler
₱22.00 - 24.00
Size choices: 16oz.(₱22.00), 20oz.(₱24.00)
Buko Pandan
₱18.00 - 22.00
Size choices: 12oz.(₱18.00), 16oz.(₱20.00), 20oz.(₱22.00)