Review: Red Kimono's Eat-All-You-Can is really better than buffet

You'd not just want to wear the Red Kimono after eating at Red Kimono Restaurant in UP-Ayala Technohub, you'd love to frequent their Eat-All-You-Can at P535.
Eating buffet and eat-all-you-can will get you to places cheaper and more expensive than P535 but Red Kimono will make you simply choose the food you want to eat and make you eat it until you give up - not lining up with a mob of hungry and despicable diners. 

Really better than buffet - Red Kimono has a vast variety of food choices given on a separate sheet of menu when you ask for their Eat-All-You-Can. My epic friend Arpee Lazaro and wife Noreen with staff Yeye and I, had our Red Kimono Eat-All-You-Can experience at Red Kimono Restaurant in UP-Ayala Technohub last night.
We started with their soft and delicious, Tofu Agadeshi (P100), batter-fried tofu with special Agadeshi sauce.
Noreen and I was fascinated with their interesting choices of Sushi, so we both chose to order Crunchy Tuna Maki(P195), Crunchy Ebi Maki (P195)and California Crunch(P190). All three sushi orders can be shared by Eat-All-You-Can diners of the restaurant and the servings were so huge, we had a difficult time devouring all the orders of sushi before we tried the main dishes.
California Crunch (P190)
Crunchy Tuna Maki (P195)
 Crunchy Ebi Maki (P195)

For the main dish, we ordered 2 orders of Prawn Tempura (P265), Grilled Miso Chicken (P210) and Pork Ribs Teriyaki (P200) with Gohan (P45), steamed white rice and an order of Beef Kamameshi (P180).
It was hard to breathe because I wanted to eat all of it. All of the dishes were really very delicious and worth its price as the servings were huge. 
We washed it off to gulp in more of food with two orders of bottomless Iced tea and a Cranberry Smoothie for Noreen.
We finished with two orders of this creamy and sweet order of Green Tea Ice Cream (P60).
Two hours after, we were able to beat the challenge of having no left-overs with all those dishes served with just the three of us in the Eat-All-You-Can. I've realized how important it was to study the choices longer and not impulsively indulge so as to better experience Red Kimono's Eat-All-You-Can. Try not to order more than one sushi/maki when going on Eat-All-You-Can with your friends so you can sample all their main dishes. We'd probably go back to redo the experience. Worth every peso, delicious and totally unforgettable!

Oh, by the way, Did you know that;
1. Kimono's another name is also Gofuku (clothes of Wu), a Han Chinese Clothing known today as Hanfu.
2. A woman's kimono may cost 10,000 dollars (as it is sewn by hand) and the complete kimono outfit  including with kimono, undergarments, obi, ties, socks, sandals and accessories, can exceed US$20,000.
3. Seeing a red kimono in Japan at night is not common and it may be considered the rumored apparition of the ghost of Tsuneyoshi Hidenaga's mistress or that urban legend of the ghosts in Himuro Mansion. I even read a tourist of this generation who experienced and asked about it.

Thanks to my dearest epic friends, Noreen and Arpee Lazaro for this modern Japanese dining experience!

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