Review: Bulgogi Burger of Burger King's A4dables at P99

Real Bulgogi taste in a burger!
My craving for Korean food and the hassle of beating time to get home early led me to the most accessible fastfood in SM Fairview- Burger King
When I was teaching Koreans online 2007-2009 at , my students would brag about Bulgogi Burger and I never really appreciated it until I had my third visit to Burger King SM Fairview. The bun was similar to the whopper buns they used, the burger patty tasted the same but the Bulgogi sauce made me reminisce my days back in college when I had many experiences eating in Korean houses near UP Village and the mothers of my teen students would cook Bulgogi for the family along with other Korean dishes. It's surprisingly sweet and tasty.
It must've also been the mayonnaise that accentuated the taste of grilled Bulgogi experience when you bite at this burger. For some not familiar with authentic Korean food, it may have tasted similar to any barbeque or grilled meat with that hickory taste experience but this Bulgogi burger really brought me back to those college memories. It reminded me of Kalbi, Tang-su-yuk and Samgyupsal with that tasty daenjjang (fermented bean sauce) and kochu-jang (sweet chili paste).
It almost made me cry reminiscing all those memories until I found solace in that soul-comforting Affogato Supreme Parfait sundae.
Smooth and creamy soft-serve ice cream, with a shot of BK Joe Espresso, topped with chocolate kisses Affogato Supreme Parfait was really one relief from those sad memories and at seconds after those soothing spoons of this sundae, I immediately snapped back to reality. I realized how late it was and I needed to be home before 7pm.
All these emotions for P99 at Burger King made the fickle hag in me jump from one memory to the next, whew!