My Super ONE is none other than my mother JOSEFINA BONSOL

It probably took years for my mom to come up with my name JOSEPHINE from her name JOSEFINA. She felt regret going on a diet while having me because she blamed that diet why I was born physically weak, grew up with polymyositis that totally made my muscles limp progressively up to this day. She doesn't know she is my SUPER ONE for giving me the strength of spirit because she raised me and my sister alone when she separated with my father when I was eight years old.
All of us pay gratitude to our mothers but my gratitude to my mom extends more than this lifetime for being my mother and father and one woman I'd always dream to be. I have realized how different I am from her in college being meek and innocent against that unconventional talkative outspoken me. 
At every foe and battle, she strung at my side not asking details and simply trusting my decisions and endeavors. She weeps at every downfall including that of petty trivial experience. She at 62, who has simple dreams is astounded at my daring explorations of the world continues to support me and worries about me like every loving mother with unconditional love. She knows nothing that she is my SUPER ONE - my super mother who I will forever want to be until I get older. She deserves more than these words and I hope I can bring our worlds together one day because I haven't seen for ten years now. I love you Mama. You are my SUPER ONE. One day, when I can, I'll make you come to the Philippines. I'd bring you places I've seen and make you taste every food I've experienced to make your dreams for me and my sister with you together on a tour a reality. Like what I've promised when I was 17, I may not be the person you'd want me to be but I'd make sure you'd be proud of me.
There can only be one SUPER ONE - and that is you my mama.


  1. nice post about your mom. gud luck on your entry

  2. Very touching and I AGREE that she's the SUPER ONE. We truly miss you mama and we hope and pray that one day, we'll be together again just like the good old days... WE LOVE YOU MA...


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