It is safe to buy and sell products at AYOS DITO.PH

Busy people find convenient ways to buy and sell instead of tiring your feet to malls and Ayos is not just convenient but safe to search for products and services.
I am always browsing for mobile phones and gadgets comparing the range of prices I'd find in malls and in other websites which to most occasions, disappoint me. Why? Some websites clog my browsing view with ads and pop-ups I didn't need to see and worse, sign in and get bugged with clueless customers which visited the same posts I viewed. Hassle and really annoying at times because you also want the site you've searched and assumed to buy to give that disclaimer warning you not to pay first before getting the goods. 

 In my constant search for new mobile phones to buy and sell, I saw this photo complete with specifications and the price with a disclaimer, NEVER pay in advance to a seller you don't know and does not send any confirmation of payments. to secure you of your risks when dealing with the seller. Well, posts I've seen in other sites advertise too much flags of rating feedback which MISLEAD the buyer to thinking it's safe to buy although those feedback can also be a conspiracy of the business affiliates.
I have tried posting that I wanted this phone at a cheaper price and I was so happy with a quick reply in a personal message without any scams. 
I will never have to deal with reading obvious scams and unnecessary posts because mean business and they post real businesses.
Meantime, I will keep browsing this site for more products I'm interested to buy.
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