I commit to change: Write to teach how to write!

The classroom with no electricity and no facilities in a public school like Lagro High School never hindered the students to reap awards in contests - see those trophies!
For ten years teaching journalism in Lagro High School, I have produced many graduates from reputable universities serving as resource speakers/judges in our annual QC Division Secondary Schools Press Conferences and the rank of the school remained consistent on top despite the reality of English skills deterioration presented in National Achievement Tests reported by DepEd. I have sought of ways to motivate students to write in English not just to earn those trophies and make their mothers proud but of realizing how important those achievements will bring to their future acquiring skills many have missed in earlier years.
With the frustrating reports of the deterioration of students' skills in English and more writers losing interest in contests in journalism, many of those belonging the cream section choose other electives instead of English Journalism with the following fears:
1. that their grammar will be mocked and humiliated
2. that their skills are not good enough to join the English journalism class
3. that their parents would disagree with their passion to be a writer
all these by:
1. teaching English Journalism in a more personalized Instructional Conversation teaching method so as to erase those fears on the "strict" teacher
2. allowing more time for the writer to organize thoughts before writing instead of focusing on beating deadlines
3. providing more opportunities for the students in other contests aside from Journalism so as to give them "freedom to choose"
4. and more importantly, SHOWING MY STUDENTS I WRITE especially here in my blog, about my interests (especially food and events) in a more conversational and informal structure and form to motivate them that writing is easy if you give your heart to it.
The smiles of these innocent young learners and those faces showing interest to learn is the sole reason I have stayed teaching in public school for ten years and probably in more years to come.
I have committed to change long time ago:
1. being one of the few who chose  not  to go abroad being a UP Diliman graduate, 
2. one of the few who is proud to be serving the underpriveleged students of Quezon City 
3. and one of the few who chose to love teaching choosing to be a Master Teacher rather than many who have pursued to be principal.
The innocent faces wanting to learn I believe is more important than to complain and lead to change the whole system.
I have always chosen the path where others fear to thread and I still believe it is time to commit to these children. It is time to commit to change!
So, what will you change?