Event: Greenwich launches New Bigatin Overloaded Pizzas

From Greenwich's variety of overloaded pizzas comes the new 'BIGATIN" variants of Shrimp and Garlic Overload and Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload flavors. 
Shrimp and Garlic Overload pizza (available in Rolled Thick Crust sizes: 18" inch Blowout P799, Family P459 and Double P299 for  and Thin and Crispy Crust sizes: Party Square P499, Family P419 and Double P259) is 1/3 pound Grilled Shrimps with roasted garlic, green bell peppers,onions, mozzarella and cheddar cheese.
The scrumptious taste of grilled shrimp with the veggies complimented with the taste of mozzarella and cheddar cheese satisfied my craving for another grand pizza flavor. No seafood smell and pure grilled shrimp and garlic taste with those cheesy goodness in the pizza. My son, who's not a lover of shrimp started asking for the biggest size of this flavor for himself. 
Bigatin in taste and choice of toppings with new BIGATIN FRIENDS pizza endorsers of Greenwich, Tim Yap and Team Pilipinas players Chris Tiu, Dylan Ababou, JV Casio, and JR Cawaling.
Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload pizza (available in Thick Rolled Crust sizes 18" inch Blowout P749, Family P439 and Double P279 for  and Thin and Crispy Crust sizes: Party Square P475, Family P399 and Double P239) is twice more sausages and bacon with mushrooms, onions and 100% mozzarella cheese.
It must've been that ingenious idea of putting grilled shrimp and garlic on pizza and more importantly that exemplary skilled preparation of their resident chefs that creates the perfect thick cheesy and shrimpy taste. I have tasted seafood pizzas in other pizza chains and I must say Greenwich did not just give those BIGATIN variety of overload pizzas with their BIGATIN FRIENDS endorsers to the public,  they have also given a boost of confidence to the Filipino that these types of gourmet pizzas can now be availed in the number one pizza chain in the Philippines -Greenwich at affordable prizes. Hungarian sausages in the pizza is one of its most commendable line of flavors for its choice of ingredients like that of Angus Maximus Overload catering to the Filipino sweet and spicy palate.
I personally prefer the Shrimp and Garlic Overload pizza over the choices of my BIGATIN friends, Arpee, Juned, Karla, Sha, Dante and Bambi from www.blognapinoy.com though I have no preferences in choices of ingredients because shrimp is one of my favorite seafood. 
And what a great way to cap off a great simple BIGATIN dinner with my BIGATIN friends with such a BIGATIN dessert of Butterfinger Coffee from Greenwich Coffee Creations. I love ordering this coffee because of its real Butterfinger bits on top. 
Thanks to Michelle, Melo, Jayvee and all BIGATIN friends I was with last night. It was a BIGATIN experience I'd truly cherish. 

For more information:
New Greenwich BIGATIN Overload Pizza flavors available in all Greenwich chain nationwide or simply call 55-55-55.