Event: CECAP and Bravehearts sponsors block-off screening of Eclipse

A love story of straight couples no more.
I had to wait for a regular movie screening of the Twilight's "Eclipse" since most of the promos and events that sponsored it was scheduled on midnight. Thank God for Bravehearts Foundation and Cervical Cancer Prevention with Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications for allowing me and my 15-year old son to watch this blockbuster movie at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1 last Thursday, July 8, 2010.
 Pia Magalona with sponsors and friends of Cervical Cancer Prevention Support Groups, David's Salon, GSK and other doctors and affiliated groups watched the block-off screening of "Eclipse" in constant support of the foundation.
Dr. Cecilia A. Ladines-Llave, Chair of the UP-PGH Cancer Institute and Programme Director of the Cervical Cancer Prevention Network Programme (CECAP) posed with bloggers Mark, Vince and Sire with me during the event.
Did you know that:
1. every eight minutes, a Filipina dies due to cervical cancer in the Philippines.
2. Next to breast cancer, cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among Filipino women. But cervical cancer is deadlier, Dr. Llave says. According to her, for every four women who survive breast cancer, only two will survive cervical cancer.

My deepest gratitude to Dr. Llave, Bravehearts, CECAP, Geiser-Maclang, Sire, Leirs, Mabelle, Mark and Vince for sharing the Eclipse movie and eclipse of information to awaken more Filipina about cervical cancer.
Thank you very much!