When Hapontukin sets in, I realize how I've forgotten to take my Enervon after being waggled

I have always been a victim of my photojournalism students everyday having "Hapontukin" moments every single afternoon of every single day in my  room especially during journalism class hours where students are required to write. I had no choice but to nap while they're writing their articles for the school paper otherwise they'd nag me for being so noisy distracting their ideas to compose great news and editorials.
I thought I was giving my campus writers a favor by napping during class hours as they've always requested but I've realized that it did not only let the free loaders and lazy writers feast on my nap moments with their cameras. They have also learned to coin terms to associate me with being "sleeping beauty" in a negative connotation. 
So, I've tried all sorts of keeping myself up and about, from snacking chips and drinking tons of coffee to literally putting something in between my eyes to make me awake.
At moments where I became unconscious being asleep while sitting down waiting for all of them to finish writing, some of my students have tried all sorts of ways to wake me up.

They'd waggle my hair up and down until I wake up and realize I have forgotten to take my Enervon. Since I've started taking Enervon in August 2008, my writers have not gotten any picture posted in all networking sites of "sleeping beauty" and I have become to be not "sleeping beauty" anymore but "militant hag" as they've perceived me.
Hapontukin Moments have become Happy Moments shared with kids.
Happier with Enervon everyday!