Schools Event: 2010 QC Campus Journalists Training June 4-6,2010: Reflections on the training at Ciudad Christia 9 Wave Resort and its Post-Ondoy Recovery Renovations

2007 was the last school year we held our training in 9 Waves Ciudad Christia Resort in San Mateo Rizal.
Everything about Ciudad Christia seems similar and different - but it's all good.
Day 1, June 4, 2010, 71 QC campus writers from public and private high schools registered 4:00pm at the lobby of Ciudad Christia 9 Waves Resort. Assigned at Eucalyptus Hall delegates were billeted in different rooms and Cabanas conveniently equipped with air condition, cable tv, separate bathrooms and individual beds. 
Notable how these campus writers were well-behaved and disciplined following instructions. Dr. Ligaya Regis, Education Supervisor in Journalism and Private Schools of Quezon City also noticed the punctuality in the attendance of all schools invited from the DCS-QC Division Memorandum
Day 2, June 5, 2010. 1st Speaker of the day who talked about Pagwawasto at Pag-uulo ng Balita was Mrs. Marissa Duka, School Paper Adviser of Bagong Silangan HS. 10:00-12:00 2nd Speaker was our Division Supervisor in Journalism and Private Schools, Dr. Regis.
The afternoon session was alive with speakers of Feature Writing and Pagsulat ng Editoryal, Dr. Elizabeth Meneses, DepEd NCR Supervisor and Mr. Moises Tarrobal, Outstanding School Paper Adviser of the Philippines, (NSPC 2010) being comic and enthusiastic about campus journalism trends in high school.
After the session at 5:00pm, delegates were instructed to be back at the hall for dinner at 6:00-7:00pm and given tickets for night swimming. Curfew was imposed at 8:30pm to prepare them for the next day's lecture session.
Day 3, June 6, 2010, 1st speaker of the day on Copyreading and Headline Writing was Ms. Milet Alcala, School Paper Adviser of Carlos Albert HS followed by evaluation of delegates' output on written exercises by Mr. Moises Tarrobal, Mrs. Marissa Duka and Dr. Regis. The afternoon session lecture was conducted by Mr. Louie Pebres, School Paper Adviser of Balingasa HS, who discussed Pagsulat ng Balita with Ms. Josephine Bonsol, School Paper Adviser of Lagro HS on Newswriting.
Certificates of  Participation was distributed during the Closing Ceremonies at 5:00pm along with evaluation of the training program and the venue. Here's what the delegates requested and noted about the training program:
1. that there should be not just one delegate per school invited to give opportunities to more students to learn
2. that curfew be extended since they really enjoyed the swimming pools in this resort
3. that more trainings be conducted in the same venue as it is more convenient to all delegates
about the venue we've all noticed:
1. The concrete floors and pathways were improved, added halls to offer wedding banquet and cabanas renovated after the Ondoy's extreme devastation to the area.
2. The Slide was also renovated and extended which made the delegates want to stay longer in the pools.
3. The Jacuzzi is now covered in nipa-hut like roof with a hydro-massage facility although the sign posted on the wall was grammatically unacceptable.
4. All pools in the resort were all covered in huge white tent-like umbrellas that made it look more elegant and pleasing to the women who are conscious of sun-burn.
5. Food had become more delicious or otherwise we have forgotten the taste since we've been here two years ago. Among all food served, we all remembered and probably won't forget their Fish Fillet in Tartar Sauce.
6. Staff was courteous and friendly catering to all needs including errands for photocopy of training materials, etc..
7. They now offer spa and massage services including all your pampering needs located beside the Big Slide and the Cafe.
We were so happy holding the training in this resort except for the fact that their Wi-fi service cannot reach the Eucalyptus Hall where we conducted the lectures. This made the former Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Fuentes and the training staff difficult to reach the networks to the other parties concerned.
We, the Quezon City Secondary School Paper Advisers Association would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Vicky Fuentes, former Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Elizabeth Meneses, DepEd NCR Education Supervisor and all the lecturers and staff for their invaluable contribution to the training. We would also like to thank Ciudad Christia 9 Waves Resort for accommodating the campus writers of Quezon City. Congratulations to them for their excellent improvement despite the wrath of Ondoy last year destroying some of their facilities! 

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