Review: I have "Meat-Up" with Greenwich American Lunch Specials' Quarter Slab Ribs

5.6 oz of tender pork ribs melt-in-mouth fall-off-the-bone meat goodness!
Lunch before watching a movie in SM Fairview is our usual activity after Sunday Mass. Frequent at Greenwich SM Fairview, I never missed new dishes served in this fastfood chain although the place had gotten too crowded to occupy the numerous customers every weekend. Manager Web informed me of the new renovations to take place soon.
Meantime, tired of the usual delivery order of my son's Angus Maximus Overload Pizza, I ordered this very delicious Quarter Slab Ribs with a regular Coke drink.
Priced at P199, the Quarter Slab Ribs is real 5.6 oz of tender pork ribs glazed with special BBQ sauce and served with parsely-sprinkled Java rice. Compared to other fastfood in meal packages serving slab ribs, I was very happy biting into more meat with that affordable price. Some fastfood familiar to many serve quarter slab ribs but you'd be disappointed to eat more bone and less meat with such an expensive price.
My son ordered this Big Time Lunch Meal D (P144), a meal package of a fried chicken, spaghetti, cup of rice and a solo order of Hawaiian Pizza with a regular Coke drink.
My son had a heavy breakfast and snacks in between before this Big Time Lunch meal but he finished everything in less than five minutes.
I was craving for Greenwich's Dessert Sampler (P109)(a plate of overstuffed choco truffle cake and overstuffed Brazo De Mercedes) but the manager said their category does not allow them to serve the said dessert.

For more information:
Greenwich SM Fairview Branch
Open 10:00am to mall closing time
Order delivery at 55-55-55