Review: Everyone can afford Caffe Ti-Amo

It looked expensive.
The prices seemed really expensive. Coffee and Gelato is not a common combination choice of  foodie teachers but we tried and we were all so happy we did.
Looking for a place to discuss the details of the campus writers' training set on June 7-9, we chose to stay in a cool place for coffee and thought Caffe Ti-Amo was the best choice. We ordered Caffe Latte (P100/each) , Gelato waffle (P380) and Half Waffle (P185) to check the servings size and sample the gelato with coffee.
OMG, the servings were so huge a half waffle can be shared by at least two. You'd be asked what ice cream scoops flavor you'd want in the gelato and we chose coffee and vanilla at the half gelato order,tiramisu and chocolate at the whole gelato. The waffle was crispy and really delicious and both of my colleagues now prefer Caffe Ti-Amo's waffle over a leading pancake restaurant. The whole Gelato waffle order can be shared by four persons with two scoops of ice cream and fruit toppings on top. 
We had a difficult time to finish because we were so full with one order already. We, teacher foodies have now become gelato and coffee lovers because of this and recommend Caffe Ti-Amo to those who'd want a cozy place for meetings and gatherings.

For more information:
Caffe Ti-Amo
SM North Edsa Annex, Upper Ground
Open 10am until 9pm

Manila, Philippines, 1115
3635315 or 3650892
Mon - Fri:
9:00 am - 6:00 pm