Review: Army Navy Burger SM Fairview to launch a Potato Ice Cream soon

Hungry after shopping for school necessities of my son, we were captivated by the name of this restaurant in SM Fairview called, Army Navy Burger. We ordered two Regular Burger (P135) and a Steak Burrito (P155) with 3 orders of refreshing freshly brewed Libertea (P45).
My son requested to add Onion Rings (P60) and Tacos served with cheese dip (P60+P25). I didn't need to ask if he enjoyed the burger because he finished munching the whole thing in ten minutes and asked for more.
While eating we were curious about the structure and the name, Army Navy and the manager explained that the father of the owner belonged in the US Army and his son is in the Navy. He also happened to be the same owner/franchise of Yellow Cab Pizzas. And we suddenly noticed the style of menu and agreed to the idea.
Like the Yellow Cab Pizza Restaurant, the food is prepared separately and they have only one meal package offered for the budget-conscious customers. 

We also thought of dessert which is not available in this restaurant and the manager said a "Potato Ice Cream" is to be launched soon in their other branches.
I can't wait to try that soon. We wondered what kind of taste would a Potato Ice Cream be - this we'll avail in the next visit.

For more information:
Visit ArmyNavy Burger Inc.


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