Review: Ar-ya an Aryan? Love the taste, the ambience and the culture of Arya Persian Restaurant

I want to be an Aryan. 
To be "noble" is what everyone deemed to be but to love Arya Persian Restaurant is something else. We all hang out in restaurants for gossips, meetings, events, celebrations and for food. Arya Persia Restaurant had not just survived but boomed in the restaurant industry because of its great food, great hospitality and great service. 
Iranian Fusion Cuisine isn't the answer nor that this restaurant is fine dining at its standards pleases the wealthy upper-class, the foreigners and the businessmen. I believe it must have been that passion to make dining not just a pleasure of the palate but a great memorable and remarkable experience. 
Savor that mouth-watering Arya Sini (P655/good for 2-3 pax), a combination of Mahi, Royal Joojeh, Beef Koobideh and Shish Kabab skewers. You'd need to ask for assistance how to enjoy this dish from their well-trained efficient service crew who'd peel your roasted tomatoes for you and concoct garlic sauce, pepper and a bit of salt to mix a wonderful tangy spicy and sweet tomato dip for your kababs. We had the pleasure of having the most passionate businessman I've known, Dr. Shin Karami, owner of the Arya Restaurants in Manila to do ours in its perfect taste.

Everyone was familiar with him not just present in all of his chains of Arya Persian Restaurants but that he personally entertains and amuse customers and diners with his wits and stories that recruits others of this culture.
We started to experience this with the Soup of the Day: Onion (P105) really creamy pureed onion spiced with dill, salt and pepper and the famous Arya Salad (P325/served in humongous plate good for 5-6 pax), crisp romaine lettuce, sliced carrots, peppers, cucumber, olives and walnuts in a special sauce.
Appetizer won't be complete without the Arya Dip Platter (P245/good for 5-8 pax) Hummus, Motabal, Tzitziki and Mirza Ghasemi served with freshly baked big basket of bread.
Then came the main dishes; Lamb Biryani,(regular P455/large P525/XL P595/XXL P625)slow-cooked fall-off the bone lamb meat experience in a special Biryani sauce served with a generous serving of spiced Basmati Rice, Beef Sultani (P545) Chicken Sultani (P530)and Lamb Sultani (P555) Kababs all served with Basmati Rice and Roasted Tomatoes and Cucumber. Best enjoyed with tomatoes sliced mixed with garlic sauce, salt and pepper topped on Kababs.
I chose to drink their yummy delicious and fresh Yogurt Strawberry Smoothie (P105) while the others had Arya Yogurt Smoothie (P95) before dessert Date Cake (P220) and Fig Orange Cake (175).
We had a long chat with Dr. Karami about the restaurant over Cinnamon and Arya Chai in those dainty traditional cups before exploring the interiors and the designs made for this chain in The Podium.
It was a whole memorable dining experience worth acquiring as a culture. This restaurant is recommended for the Pinoys who'd want to appreciate healthy and scrumptious Persian cuisine  fine dining style and truly Filipino in hospitality and service - clean and efficient. A great place for friends, lovers and families for great food, great ambiance, great Persian culture, great hospitality and great service. I will definitely be back with friends soon. I'd try their Hookah/Shisha (P400) with their great food next time with friends.
I would like to thank Dr. Shin Karami,  Annesy Del Mundo and the bloggers, Miggy and Jean,Ginger Arboleda, and Jonel Uy for making me want to be an Aryan - truly loving Aryan Persian Restaurant.

For more information:
Arya Persian Restaurant
Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City 
Tel. No. - 584-6266

Ground Floor, Podium Mall, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel. No. -571-3962

2nd Floor Midtown Wing, Robinson's Place Manila
Tel. No. - 567-3800


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