Event: Kraft Eden celebrates a World Record–the Cheesy Way!

A Culinary Celebration One with the Nation. Successfully pulling off 5,845 cheese-infused dishes is not something you see everyday, but Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) and Kraft Foods Philippines (KFP) won a Guinness World Record™by doing just that last December 14, breaking India’s record with only 4,668 in 2007.

If there’s one thing that Filipinos can truly be proud of, it’s their love for food.

And what greater love for food can be compared to the achievement of the Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) and Kraft Foods Philippines (KFP) when they broke a Guinness World Record? Successfully pulling off 5,845 cheese-infused dishes is not something you see every day. In fact, it has been almost three years since India last held the 2007 record for 4,668 dishes.

Indeed, this prestigious school alongside the country’s well-loved cheese brand has set a notable milestone in the culinary world. Now, MIHCA and Kraft Foods Philippines are out to mark another groundbreaking first as they launch Café 5845 – the first cheese café in the world that will serve  the most number of cheese dishes at 5845.

Both MIHCA and KFP would like to share their culinary milestone to the rest of the nation by coming up with a golden marker that will be a testament of the hardwork of those people involved.
MIHCA and Kraft Foods –A Truly Inspirational Teamwork
Ever since it opened its doors to aspiring culinary innovators, MIHCA has made its own name– providing experience-based, industry-relevant, globally-oriented and career-focused education. “We were confident enough to put our program and our students’ learning to the test when we decided to partner with Kraft Foods Philippines in breaking a world record,” Chef Giovasco C. Barlao, Vice President   & Head for Operations. True enough, bagging a Guinness World Record proved the school’s world-class ability both locally and globally.

Their current groundbreaking success has made worldwide headlines and has given the country great pride. “Here at MIHCA, we aim to break boundaries and maximize potentials. We–together with Kraft Eden, setting a Guinness World Record is a standing testament of our institute’s goal,” Chef Barlao.

A Culinary Celebration One with the Nation

That is why MIHCA, in partnership with Kraft Foods Philippines (KFP) decided to share the culinary victory to the rest of the nation. “What MIHCA and Kraft Foods has done gave great Filipino pride that’s why we wanted to commemorate this culinary milestone with our fellow Filipinos,” Alex Dan Tacderas, Category Manager for Cheese and Spoonables of Kraft Foods Philippines says.

MIHCA and KFP believe that the record-breaking achievement is not only their triumph – but the whole country’s as well. “This goes back to why we made this attempt in the first place. We wanted to share our blessings and do what we can for the typhoon victims the past Christmas season,” Tacderas shares. Fueled by the love for their fellow countrymen who were typhoon victims at the time, the culinary institute and the well-loved food brand spearheaded this groundbreaking culinary event last December 14.

Reliving this unique experience with the country is something MIHCA and Kraft have been looking forward to. “We’ve come up with a series of activities alongside Kraft that will not only highlight the success but also the people behind it,” Chef Barlao explains.

A two-fold celebration which highlights the school’s journey to a world record has been organized by the two institutions. Come June 17, a golden commemorative marker will be mounted on the MIHCA school grounds and will contain the names of all those who were behind the project. “Through this golden marker, we will honor those involved and who have done their part in their own way – big or small.” Tacderas says.

Alongside commemorating culinary heroes, a recipe book authored by famous philanthropist, entrepreneur and cook Ms. Doris Magsaysay Ho will be launched. “Having a support arm like Ms. Ho for this event is an even greater honor for all of us,” Chef Barlao explains. Known as the first Filipina to win the Socially Responsible Entrepreneur Award, having Ms. Ho on-board this celebration is set to bring a bigger buzz to an already groundbreaking event.

Café 5845: A Groundbreaking Culinary First

 Café 5845: A Groundbreaking Culinary First. Café 5845 will stand as the first cheese café in the world serving the widest variety of cheese dishes.
If that’s not enough, MIHCA and Kraft Foods Philippines will be marking another first in the culinary world by launching Café 5845. Café 5845 will stand as the first cheese café in the world that will serve the widest variety of cheese dishes. Found at the SM Mall of Asia, the public will get the chance to enjoy 5,845 cheese-infused unique dishes prepared by MIHCA. Café 5845 will run for one whole month and will be serving different dishes every day. “We at MIHCA take inspiration from Kraft Eden which transforms every meal into something anyone’s taste buds could never forget,” Chef Barlao imparts. “Everyone is in for something deliciously unique once Café 5845 is open for business.”

With the series of activities cooked up by MIHCA and KFP, the nation will experience genuine pride and joy as they take part in this culinary celebration. While Filipino creativity has been celebrated in more ways than one, without a doubt, the way MIHCA and KFP are out to do it is nothing the country has ever seen.

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