Event: Sampling World-Class dishes of Kraft and MIHCA made me cry

A Tasting of Salmon (Gravlax and Nori Roulade) with Grilled Artichoke and Sweet Mustard Aoli (Bronze Medal in Appetizer Cold Display)
Melange of Seafood in Tomato and Saffron Broth
Main Course
Duet of Chicken Ballotine with Foie Gras Foam on a bed of warm corn salad
Goat Cheese Crusted Lamb with Thyme Flavored Jus and pink peppercorn gnocchi (Bronze Medal for Plated Dishes in Cold Display)
Berry Mascarpone and Cream-Cheese Cake with Vanilla Bavaroise

"If I get the man right, the world will be alright".
Sampling these world-class dishes inspired by Kraft Eden Cheese in the event "Celebrating World-Class dishes-the Cheesy Way" at Times Plaza Building in Manila last June 17, 2010 made me feel happy and fully delighted realizing that the Filipino was able to beat Guinness World Records. Listening to Alex Dan Tacderas, Category Manager for Cheese and Spoonables of Kraft Foods Philippines  however ended his narration about how Kraft Foods Philippines and Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) with a parable of a child and father about learning. The story made me break into tears of joy with that touching quote. The Filipino can indeed make the impossible things possible. An act of will despite the circumstances can make the Filipino world-class.
Unveiled was the marker of Guinness World Record beating India with the Filipinos, (Kraft Foods Philippines and MIHCA) creating 5845 dishes made of cheese which will eventually become a cafe/restaurant to serve all those 5845 dishes in Cafe 5845 soon to inspire the Filipino to excel in culinary arts.
What among those 5845 dishes would be served in the cafe?
We were able to sample these in the appetizer category ( cheese quesadillas and salmon and cheese roe on toasted bread and cheese quiche)
Cheese inspired omelets, lasagna and pizza,
Cheese Cordon Bleu and Cheese dipped roasted beef,
Cheese Desserts of Carrot Cake and Chocolate Truffle Cakes,
and unbelievably Cheese Cocktails and Cheese Non-Alcoholic drinks.

I can't wait for the Cafe 5845 to open and sample all the 5845 dishes. I bet you'd want to try any of this soon and you all know you would because you want to be proud as a Filipino beating the world record in Guinness while satisfying your taste buds in these dishes.
If i get the act and the attitude right, the world will be alright. The act of determination and the optimism attitude can really bring you places and make the world believe - nothing is impossible.

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