Event: Nestle brings HEAVEN to earth

HEAVEN is here with Nestle's new ice cream - Heaven.
With no artificial flavors added, Heaven comes in FOUR heavenly ice creams to choose from:
Belgian Chocolate Bliss (Size: 800mL – Php 175,450mL – Php 115)
So tempting and sinful, it’s utter decadence. Transcend all earthly pleasure and give in to the riches, most sublime chocolate ice cream smothered with the finest Belgian chocolate bits.

Vanilla Almond Secret(Size: 800mL – Php 175,450mL – Php 115)
We reveal an absolutely pure, delicate and intensely flavorful experience. Get caught in the rapture of creamy vanilla ice cream softly-kissed with chopped almonds, all draped in flowing caramel ripples.

Strawberry Dream(Size: 800mL – Php 175,450mL – Php 115)
Fulfill every creamy and delectable desire when you lose yourself in luscious strawberry and cream ice cream, affectionately adorned with only the freshest, most succulent strawberry pieces.

Butter Pecan Obsession(Size: 800mL – Php 175,450mL – Php 115)
Prepare for complete obsession as you satisfy your deepest, most indulgent cravings. Witness a mouth-watering explosion of irresistibly soft buttery ice cream alluringly strewn with the finest roasted pecans.

I have experienced Heaven with Heaven Ice Cream of Nestle with celebrities (Pops Fernandez, Vernie Varga, Air Supply, Bambi Fuentes, and Will Devaughn), media and friends last June 23, 2010 at A.Venue in Makati and I can't choose which flavor among the four is my favorite since all of them tasted so good, it would take more than a year of indulgence to realize which flavor stands out from the rest.

Get your Heaven Ice Cream in all supermarkets and groceries nationwide!


  1. grabe sarap ng ice cream hehehe

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    this Belgian Chocolate Bliss heaven ice cream is one of a kind! You must try it!

  3. +It is really good. Thanks for your comment!


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