Enrollment and Canteen Food in New Era University

Waking up at 5am to get to the New Era University before the 3rd enrollment procedure of my son was not my source of stress yesterday.
At 7:20am mothers flocked at the lines for encoding process of the enrollment and I was anxious to know what time we'd finish since I still have to report to my co-workers at the Quezon City Secondary School Paper Advisers Association.

Training for Campus Journalists of Quezon City set on June 4-6 was eventually moved to June 7-9, 2010. I was already anxious not because the schedule was moved but because I was not yet satisfied with my preparation being tasked to give lecture again about News Writing. My thoughts were distracted with the mothers who patiently waited guiding their freshmen children in their college enrollment. They were amusing to watch gossiping how much the cost is sending many children to college and complaining about the system of New Era University during enrollment. But being INC members the patience and tolerance to wait was remarkable that they never asked the officials in-charge about the system. Some older siblings of the enrollees who graduated in the same university said it had been the same system of long lines and patience during their time. And i guess they'd never complain because it had taught them real good lessons.
1. Those who cheat the lines not following the procedures are being called to report so most are confident that though the lines are long, they know they'd be safe and would finish the process in a day.
2. Proper haircut and grooming upon enrollment being imposed should teach the students discipline and decency so everybody followed including the seniors who they say would normally sneak in the procedures violating this. Mothers I've met in lines agreed that getting into college does not give them the independence to choose their own preferences not just because they are members of INC but because it is but proper to always present yourself in decent grooming and attire.

I believe in the system of this university honing the students to personality development with strict implementation of rules and regulations. I guess this is one of the reasons why graduates of this university are revered to have pleasing personality and good work ethics. So as not to distract mothers and these freshmen silently and patiently waiting, I opted to visit their canteen and waited there until my son finished the process.

An order of Sinampalukang Manok, Beef Higado and two cup of rice with Nescafe Coffee Freeze is P105! I guess the "chit" system works for the university and the prices of the food in this canteen are cheap so anybody can afford to eat.
I was happy with the "trust" I've learned in this institution until I received a text message. Another lip service trying to taint my advocacies. I was rumored to have criticized a colleague and for a while I was affected. It reminded me of all people I've worked with for many years trying to badmouth all things I do and say without knowing the whole story. I forgot how my friend, Lori Hampton would always say, "you can be a friend to them, but they may not be a friend to you".
I never meant to exalt myself to anybody so I went straight head on to my errands and ignored the negative vibes.
So, I thought of getting another dish from the canteen and planned to try the Menudo on my next visit.


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