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Since 2004, my blog changed in various templates content and style. I always have the irk to write since most of my thoughts and observations need to be documented for me to remember. After all, I have to show my students that I am not just teaching writing - I am also writing. 
June 4, 2010 (before I went to San Mateo for campus journalists training) I was at a photoshoot location in Makati with famous bloggers Enrico Dee(,Nica Mandigma,AJ Matela( )and  Regnard Raquedan( ) for Blog na Pinoy Directory.
Michael Sy-Yu, administrator and professional photographer of Blog na Pinoy together with Bambi Dela Cruz ( oriented us all of the directory and set us up for make-up and props for blogger identity/representation.
Amazing how this online directory was creatively produced giving the browser a clear picture of the blogger and setting a link tab to go to the blogger site unlike all the directories familiar to all of us in the country.
Make-up artist of MAC cosmetics, Bambi puts make up on Nica Mandigma ( I am truly grateful to her for making me look fabulous in the photoshoot.
It took three shots to get the right angle as I was not as photogenic as Eric (
Here they are with their wonderful pictures.
Thank you very much to Michael Sy-Yu, Bambi Dela Cruz, Juned Sunido, Arpee Lazaro and all who have accommodated us during the photoshoot. 
Maraming Salamat po!

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