Review: Singapore Chicken Rice is the most affordable yet most authentic taste of Singapore in the Philippines

Who would've thought you can find a fastfood that's so distinctively Singapore in the Philippines? And, it's in Shopwise Cubao, Quezon City.
Arpee, Noreen and I thought of watching a movie but since we missed the last full show at Gateway Mall Cubao, we thought of just indulging in food in our favorite place in Araneta Center, Cubao - Singapore Chicken Rice. I've been here once with my son, Cho-u but I can't get enough of their food.
1. It's really affordable. The prices of their meals and dishes displayed in the counter are similar to the prices you'd find in the most popular fastfood in the country. For a P95 Singapore Chicken Rice Meal, you'd get a generous serving of authentic white chicken meat with rice or white chicken rice (some call it Hainanese chicken rice)made differently as it is immediately dipped into cold water after it is cooked. This causes the chicken to create a self produced layer of gel that gives this dish it’s unique slippery texture and very tender meat. It is served with sweet and spicy vegetable atchara with calamansi juice.
2. It's so delicious and healthy. Health-conscious people these days avoid fried chicken and chicken skin. Everyone including my mom who's allergic to chicken can now enjoy Singapore Chicken Rice. The "tyuhin" crowd - my students refer to men (working class in 40s to 50s usually drinking buddies)who makes effort to look for places to eat and loves rice and meat with sauces (thick ginger and chili) can enjoy this meal  realizing it's not only filling but healthy.
3. We love shakes. They've come up with not just the Dinosaur shake (chocolate shake with chocolate powder on top like Milo at P60/large size) but Dino Banana (chocolate and banana shake with chocolate powder and ripe banana slices on top) at the same affordable price - perfect to cool your stomach in these hot summer days. I never want to miss getting some of these when i visit this place. It always remind me of my childhood cravings for chocolate and how I love to binge on Milo while watching TV.

4. They have wide variety of choices. Arpee ordered the Laksa (popular spicy noodle soup from the Peranakan culture, which is a merger of Chinese and Malay elements found in Malaysia and Singapore, and to a lesser extent Indonesia).
I ordered the classic Singapore White Chicken Rice Meal and Noreen ordered the Chicken Curry Rice Meal.
Noreen wanted to eat more so we shared the famous Pancit Chino(unique and distinct of this restaurant - pancit with a wonderful aroma of spices, not salty and freshly made).
 They also have the famous Nasi Lemak (not in pictures)a P35 Peso dish of fish, Sambal chili, peanuts and rice all mixed together.  This is rice cooked in cream and then later served separately with different ingredients which you need to mix together to get the perfect compliment of flavors. The have also introduced FAMOUS BAK KUT TEH! Suculent pork-ribs slow cooked in a delicious "tea" of herbs and chinese spices at P125, 

and Curry Fish Head...good for 4-5 people at p499 with 4 rice
5. More importantly, the service was great. I have been here once and my second visit was wonderful because of the good quality service and really nice courteous staff who'd assist you with all your needs. I totally agree with Arpee saying a restaurant is great not only because of the food but the service. In most fastfood, you'd have to ask the service crew of condiments and utensils and this fastfood attends to you like royalty. 
Most public school teachers and supervisors of DepEd look for places to eat and travel far places just to try out new dishes and this is really a good place for them and everyone. It's affordable, its healthy, it's very delicious and authentic, and its near any place around Metro Manila. I wish they'd open branch in SM Fairview and SM Baliwag.

For more information:
Name of Restaurant: Singapore Chicken Rice
Address: Unit 51 Shopwise Arcade, Gen Roxas Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Araneta Center, Cubao Q.C. (right in front of the Araneta Coliseum)
Phone Number: (63 2) 440-3888 (FREE DELIVERY)
Price Range: Affordable