Review: Nurture Spa is not just a Spa

When seeking for tranquility amidst chaotic life from the city, it's best to leave and look for rejuvenation. This was the reason Nurture Spa was built. Most people will simply look for a nearby spa to get a massage and pampering experience but I never thought that it is indeed more effective to experience a spa outside the bustling Metro Manila.And you need not get an expensive plane ticket to famous destinations like Boracay to experience this

Here's why:
1. Nurture Spa does not just cater to services, they teach you how to relax and have your own personalized experience to healing and rejuvenation.
  • they now provide a Digital Meridian Scanner, a computerized check up to monitor symptoms of illness it its early stage, proven 80 to 90% accurate is absolutely safe and non-invasive. I was so happy to realize that my mental and psychological health was good and alarmed that i have some hormonal imbalances due to stress. Teachers usually experience this at moments of cramming at deadlines. This is also prescriptive before vying for a service at the spa to properly recommend what service suits the client. Fee is at P1, 400 (for a 30 mins session). It is worth the money considering we pay thousands on medical bills.
  • they also teach relaxation and how breathing improves health and wellness with daily morning Qi Breathing and Stretching Exercises, Wellness Talks, tour of the Herb Garden, Pineapple picking, Cultural Dances and Romantic Harana or Serenade to help evey individual to healing and relaxation. I have personally experienced the Qi Gong exercise with Jerry together with the bloggers who attended the relaunch and it taught me how to do breathing and stretching at home. This I am grateful to share to all the teachers in trainings and seminars.

2. Nurture Spa has original and Pinoy type of massage with Nilaib and Dagdagay. Nilaib(P1800/for 1 1/2 hr) is their original Pinoy version of stone massage that uses steamed hot puches of traditional Filipino herbs in banana leaves to leave you rested and rejuvenated.
Dagdagay(P1000/for 1 hr) is an authentic Filipino tribal foot massage using bamboo sticks to stimulate the soles, with a soothing leg and foot massage to cap this refreshing heat. I was surprised to realize that the staff was all well-trained about how this spa included  it in their services. They have even taught me the history of the use of Dagdagay which originated from the Mountain Province. Feet was first soaked on warm water with herbs and flowers on a wooden basin before doing a Corn Scrub and massaged with Dagdagay. It will really soothe your senses not just your feet because of the scent.
2. They now provide not just healthy snacks and food. Customers have a wide variety of food choices with Tanglad Bistro. In partnership with Josiah's Catering and Chef Jasper, Nurture Spa now offers non-vegetarian dishes and we have experienced this hearty Filipino Breakfast and Continental American Breakfast.
It was also remarkable to note how they love lemongrass so much that most scents (from Spa Essentials and Amuin)(from shampoos to lotion in the accommodation) and food including this Lemongrass Lychee Martini relaxes your senses. 
We all wanted to but we didn't have the chance to try that Lemongrass Pannacotta at Tanglad Bistro since the breakfast we ordered came with a delicious fresh fruit dessert.
3. Nurture Spa promotes the Filipino ingenuity to the world and supports the community. The inspiring friendly and passionate owners, Mr. and Mrs. Cathy Turvill hires staff only from the community which helps the poor unemployed majority of Tagaytay, truly commendable since most businesses in Tagaytay hire employees from Metro Manila. The staff was well-trained, friendly and courteous which makes me want to be one of the employees.
4. One massage is worth the trip. Availing only of one massage gives you a whole learning and relaxing experience. From the entrance welcomed by the staff with a hot aromatic lemongrass tea, to a free tour of the whole place including wonderful garden gazebos, heritage huts, Butterfly Sanctuary and that interesting Ulayaw Walk( a stones path-way to massage your feet ), the accommodation and massage rooms with individual showers and comfort rooms exquisitely decorated with fresh flowers and antique decors, to the whole massage experience (which included the foot soak and scrub and their rituals of gong and flowers scent) to a hot mint tea finish is really worth the money to try. I will definitely bring my sister and my friends here.

Dr. Mike Turvill (a British doctor of Organic Chemistry from the University of Nottingham, UK) and Mrs. Cathy Turvill (an internationally licensed therapist of CIBTAC-UK) were both friendly, passionate and very romantic entertaining each guest at the relaunch that some were in tears how they complement each other at speeches. They are one couple not just amusing to watch but definitely inspiring with their passion in health and wellness. We are always in awe watching them talk to each other and to all of us about the story of Nurture Spa and the achievements of their other businesses (Spa Essentials and Spa Professionals International Development Center). 

I know that the prices of services seemed expensive to the public majority but it is really worth the price because it is not just a service to avail, it is one whole learning and rejuvenating experience.

Nurture Spa is not just a spa, it is one whole learning and relaxing experience worth wanting back for more.

For more information:
Nurture Spa Tagaytay
Address:Barangay Maitim II West, Tagaytay City
Telephone 5844228 mobile 0917NURTURE; 0918888SPA; (046) 483.0804 – 05  
·                     Open daily from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM (last treatment time is 9 pm)
·                     45000 sq m including garden and treatment areas
·                     Capacity to accommodate 16 indoor and 18 outdoor treatments
·                     Wedding Pavilion
·                     Wellness Facilities: Computerized health scan (Digital Meridian System), Acupuncture , Accupressure Massage area, Colema Hydrotherapy area, TENS, Biomat, Biozapper, Hyperthermia bath, trampoline and exercise area
·                     Accommodations:  4 naturally ventilated Ulog (Ifugao Houses), 7 Airconditioned De Luxe Rooms ; 3 Premium Forest View Rooms
·                     Full-service restaurant and bar serving Asian fusion nonvegetarian and vegetarian options
·                     Pavilion  for planning sessions, press launch and other events, with a maximum capacity of 150 persons.
·                     Garden for weddings and other events with a capacity of 500 persons
·                     Wellness Activities: Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi , Belly dancing
·                     SPArty Packages: a mixture of fun and wellness. The SPArty team will reconstruct the natural ambience of Nurture Spa in your home or event venue
·                     Getting there:
From Tagaytay Rotonda straight ahead going to Batangas. Your landmark is a group of restaurants (Starbucks, Leslie's, Dencios, Carlos Pizza), right across is Magallanes Square (where Figaro and Mocha Blends is), turn right and follow the signs leading to Nurture Spa.


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