Review: Nightmare on Elm St. is a real good jump-off-your-seat horror flick

"One, Two....Freddy's Coming for You!!!

Three, Four....Better Lock Your Door!!!

Five, Six....Grab Your Crucifix!!!

Seven, Eight....Better Stay Up Late!!!

Nine, Ten.....Never...Sleep Again!!!"

I love singing this song in 1984 and I still love singing it in 2010. I've been waiting for this film since last December.
The new Nightmare on Elm St. movie did not disappoint me after being a fan of this sequel since 1984. It still has the ingredients I loved since the first time when Johnny Depp did a cameo role. I thought then that Wes  Craven will continue to prolong the sequel although viewers got tired of the predictable scenes in the latter versions.
1. The sound effects. All horror flicks cannot be effective without the sound effects and this movie from their first one in 1984 improved their metal-swish claw-clasping sound effects giving you a signal Freddy is around. You'd jump off your seat everytime Freddy will suddenly appear, really nice!
2. The visual effects. Those screenplay shots with any of the character walking on one room and totally morph to another is still fantastic computer-generated imagery that fascinates me. Since 1984 to more than Part 8 of the sequels cannot match 2010's version. It's really good.
3.Freddy Kreuger. Being the icon of horror before Jason, Robert Englund is still my choice although
Jackie Earle Haley did a good job performing as Freddy.
4. The actors. All of them were great in all the scary scenes unlike the first one where Heather Langenkamp looked lousy compared to Rooney Mara of Urban Legends: Bloody Mary 2005.
5. The plot. The usual question of Freddy fanatics would always be what is the new story behind Freddy and this 2010 movie did a good research and left an implied phedophilic behavior which did not show in the previous sequels. They were nicer to Freddy this time compared to the previous child-murderer Freddy in the earlier Nightmare movies. Compared to the previous version, Freddy's history comes from being a gardener in the preschool here and that's one original improved idea they have created this time.
1. Do not think hard on the story since we should remind ourselves we watch horror flicks to be entertained not to think logically. Don't follow my question about this movie like: How can Freddy get out of the nightmare world into reality and why did they not explicitly show the explanation about the sequence of deaths?
I take my hats-off to director Samuel Bayer since I'm used to Wes Craven doing everything and I thought I'd be disappointed. This is one real good horror movie to watch for couples, with your mom and with the whole family. I would recommend a PG13 because the gore may not be suitable to children ages below.
Thank you to SM Cinema (be updated on their events), Sharon Yu, Azrael, Arpee Lazaro, Magic 89.9 and to all who gave me the opportunity to watch the premiere at SM Megamall tonight. Watch the movie this week and breathe out of suffocating politics!