The Punchline at Punchline

Take time to enjoy a good laugh and good food at Punchline!
My sister visits me every six months to bring me to comedy bars though she knows I don't drink. I eat and sip coffee, occasionally smokes and I enjoy going to comedy bars, Laffline, 22nd St, Metro and Punchline because it had become a bonding moment for the two of us for years now. The entrance fee of P500 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and P250 on Mondays to Thursdays is too pricey for me and I hardly make the effort to go because I am alcohol intolerant. 
May 19, 2010, 10pm and its a Wednesday so Ethel Booba (as shown in the picture) is the main star of the show along with comedy bar entertainers, the wacky group of Foxy Ladies, Le Chazz, Nonoy Abnoy, Arnel Chika, Martin D Icon, Ferdie, Jayo and the 3rd season Pinoy Pop Superstar finalist Jenny Esclanada

My sister with hubby Kuya Amang, my niece Kay and I seated at the middle in high chairs to avoid the mockery of the hosts and enjoy the show.
The menu prices of beverages range from P82/per San Mig Light to more than P200 per cocktail drink and alcohol shots. She ordered a cup of brewed coffee (P90) for me, a glass of margarita P210 for Kay and