Election 2010:The Plight of an Assigned BEI teacher in Holy Spirit QC -Day 1-Pork Adobo for Lunch at Ate Carol

Exciting and chaotic. Contrary to most teachers scared of the automated elections system, Lagro High School teachers were confident and adamant as they flocked to Comelec QC Office to get the election paraphernalia.

Waking up at 5am awaiting the text messages from the Election Supervisors I was able to reach the Comelec Makeshift Receiving Area at 745am and the scenario was chaotic. Being chairman of Clustered Precinct 1297A in Holy Spirit QC, District IIA, I was instructed by a group of men in black shirts with walkie talkies to head the line distributing the said paraphernalia. I've been assigned as BEI for four elections in the previous years and surprisingly, the Comelec QC had improved the system of distribution. It took a short ten minutes to get all what we need as indicated in the sheet of Certificate of Receipt of Official Ballots, Other Forms and Supplies by the BEI.

Everyone in the distribution line seemed excited and prepared as they were courteously attending to all teachers getting the said materials. My poll clerk, Erwin Badjao and Arnulfo Moreno assisted checking the materials if they tallied from the list given to us and headed to the yellow cab assigned to transport us all to our designated schools to safely secure the materials for Monday's election.

8:45am and we were safe back in Lagro High School to secure the paraphernalia. 

All teachers assigned as QC Board of Election Inspectors for May 10 elections had their training last May 3 and 4 in Eurotel SM North EDSA. The training was uncanny followed by a written and practical exam conducted by DOST technicians and did not include the procedures specifically the transmission of election returns since flash cards and modems were not available then. The said teachers still speculate on what may transpire on May 10 but remained confident and happy bonding together in the most awaited national event.
The buzz continued until my stomach called my attention so we headed to our favorite carinderia of Ate Carol for a meal.

At  P40, classic pork adobo stewed in potatoes and banana flowers with rice was my choice with her usual all time favorite P20 halo-halo (not shown in the picture). Ate Carol is like a second home to all teachers of Lagro High School since she personally attends to all our needs, delivering the food inside the school and even our homes with friendly chats and advice. She will even teach you how to cook your favorite dishes and run errands for you when you need them. 

The BEI/teachers still await the proceedings of Testing and Sealing formerly scheduled on May 7, changed to May 5 and now officially announced tomorrow, May 9 at designated polling centers. We heed the support of the military and security officers assigned 50meters away from polling places to be aware of looney and loud characters during the election process to properly conduct the said election properly. I have been part of the kidnapping incident last 2007 elections being sent to Dona Juana Elementary School against destination to return all paraphernalia at QC hall and I've noticed then that most police officers and military assigned in the elections were frolicking in the carinderia near the place and indifferent at some voters and suspicious characters making loud noises that distract our procedures. All teachers were just assigned doing their job and know nothing about cheating in the election,so please help us do our job and secure the teachers from these nuisances.
Thank God for a safe and secured Day 1 of May 10, 2010 Elections.