Election 2010: Thank You PPCRV!-QC teachers

So, there was no failure of election but failure of intelligence (from Juned Sunido). Most voters, even the educated ones were not reminded that BEIs are teachers and know nothing about the lists of names and registered voters except those indicated in the Book of Voters, PCVL and other paraphernalia given by the Comelec and mobilizing thousands of people to line up for voting took longer hours than expected because the precincts were clustered.Those rich, educated famous yet ignorant personalities who voted in the Holy Spirit precincts who complained to the teachers why the names were not organized and the lines for voting in the polls took a long time, wasted their time taking pictures, videos and names of BEI for complaints. They should have just remained calm and appreciated voting in the first Automated Election.
5:55am, May 10, 2010-Unpacking and preparing the ballots and the PCOS became convenient with the help of PPCRV. We were able to organize the angry mob of voters at 7:00am and started opening the polls.
11:20am and the BEIs/teachers were already exhausted, bullied, harassed but we remained calm ignoring all complaints to speed up the lines. It is remarkable to note that the senior citizens should have been given a special precinct to vote since they take a longer time shading ballots further irritating the impatient ignorant ones. PPCRV volunteers helped the elderly, assisted the voters to the PCOS and provided snacks and lunch to the BEIs while the other pollwatchers stood watching the lines grow so I signed all their appointments to get rid of these many morons clogging the area. 

Celebrity Councilor candidate Alfred Vargas waited in line and voted in one of our clustered precincts, asked the teachers if we have food but did nothing to help after his ballot was read by the machine. One unnamed Inquirer writer, one who said she was Cecile Guidote Alvarez and another rich elderly(she said she was Mrs. Quimet) complained about the list of names (which we know nothing about being teachers) and took our names, took photos and videos and threatened all the teachers clogging the long lines further but we all remained complacent to the duty  since we simply follow general instructions as per ordered by the Comelec.Camilla Kim, just like all the other celebrities who waited for 3 hours in line to vote, was one of the most friendly and enthusiastic voter we had in my precinct acknowledging the lack of staff and the support of PPCRV. 

8:15pm and the transmission of counting to the central server was successful. We did not anticipate signing 70 sticker seals, writing minutes (2 copies) signing and putting thumbmark in 56 envelopes and 60 pcs of Election Returns.So, at 2:15am, when all returns were signed, we announced the results to all parties concerned before sealing it in envelopes and disposed returns to PPCRV, Dominant and Minority Party.

245am May 11, 2010, We disposed all the materials and all ERs and other paraphernalia at QC Hall. Thank God we were safe. Thank you to my Poll Clerk, Erwin Bajao, my 3rd Member, Arnulfo Moreno and my support staff; Lea Somoso, Marife Sabeniano and Jeremias Ferrer. They were all efficient and supportive. My deepest gratitude to PPCRV who gave their undying support and shared my opinions and recommendations for next election:
1. Comelec should not have clustered the precincts. This was one of the reason why the voters waited for 3 hours and more to vote.
2. Since they have automated the polls, they should strictly imposed biometrics and not allowed the indifferent majority who was not registered in PCVL and Book of Voters to vote so the BEIs will not need to check all lists and verify identification which prolonged the process. Putting thumbmark in the Book of Voters may discard the sensitive ballot so we opted to 5 steps instead of 3 steps because of the many paraphernalia required of the voter to sign and to mark. These steps made the process longer.
3. Inform the public that the BEIs are teachers and no Comelec or help desk will be designated so the voters need not harass the teachers.
4. Inform the voting public that some polling centers like ours in Holy Spirit QC has no convenient space to  shade ballots so the voters can bring handy chairs to help them wait in lines and understand the situation better.
It was generally a success and all of us enjoyed participating in the first automated election .We all hope though that voters education would strictly be implemented nationwide extensively in all barangays next time.