The Bounty Hunter: Was Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston dating for real or for reel?

Believe in love and the word acceptance!
I read a review that said this movie was just to publicize the romance of the two actors but after watching the movie myself, I thought not.
I thought that this was a boy movie because of the title and the action scenes. The poster implied and it reminded me of the same comedy like Sarah Jessica Parker's "Failure to Launch" but it was different. Allow me to tell you in detail what I like:
1. The ending. Most movies of the same genre featuring action scenes about each others' chase and the others together with the type of twists that makes it realistic will make you conclude "it'll end in the painful reality, they won't get back together" but to my surprise a happy one.
2. The funny lines. This is what movies are known for and this movie has lots of those funny lines and discourse that would make you laugh hard."Life is about making mistakes and death is wishing you had made more". More funny lines from Irene (Cathy Moriarty), Kitty Hurly (Christine Baranski) and Teresa (Siobhan Fallon).
3. The action scenes. The continuous pursuit of characters primarily of Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) and Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston) with the boyfriend-wannabe Stewart (Jason Sudeikis - popular star of Saturday Night Live) was hilarious. The chase of the funny gangsters of Irene (the famous Cathy Moriarty), the reactions of Kitty Hurly (Christine Baranski) and Teresa (Siobhan Fallon).to conversations were so funny.
4. The plot and the actors. I love the comedy played by Cathy Moriarty( from "Analyze That"), Christine Baranski(from "Mamma Mia" and "Marci X") and Siobhan Fallon (from "Men in Black" and "Forrest Gump"), the lines and the characters they played in this movie will surely make the viewers laugh at loud in the theatres.
1. Do not be so keen in details e.g. screenplay and continuity as you will find scenes to be not well edited like when Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston) moves in one scene barefeet and with shoes in the next pan of the camera or when she's holding nothing but a phone and goes for a chase and lose the phone in the next scene as it is so common for the Filipino viewer not to notice.
I had a wonderful entertaining experience watching the premiere of this movie. I will recommend the movie to all preferably ages 15+ with parental guidance since the language and the violence is slightly mature in content. All Filipinos should watch this movie starting May 5, 2010 and breathe in the midst of the suffocating political bullies days before our election. Thank you very much to Joriben of, Arpee Lazaro of, 103.5MAXFM, Sony Pictures and Shell Pilipinas for the invitation.
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