Tibok Tibok Kakanin of Mary Anne's Delicacies: 3 for P100 sale!

Accompanying a buddy from a DepEd seminar about instructional supervision for master teachers Mrs. Zeny Pongyan was fun until we saw a bargain at Ever Commonwealth stall in the food court. She often buys usual kakanin, pichi-pichi, ube halaya, suman, sapin sapin and we were both fascinated with what TIBOK TIBOK was.There was an array of kakanin and it was overwhelmingly inviting so the courteous sellers gave both of us a taste of all the varieties. All varieties are sold at P35/each and 3 for P100 pesos packaged in a small 4 x 8 inches carton box with the logo and the information of the manufacturer. Tibok Tibok is ground malagkit (sticky rice) in coconut milk and monggo beans. It seemed similar to the usual bibingka but it was different because of the monggo and the texture of the kakanin(rice delicacies) was smooth and it was not so sweet.

They have two varieties of ube, (purple yam) as picture shown above; in malagkit and the usual smooth ube halaya we're all familiar with.

I had a taste of this wonderful sapin-sapin too and took one of the three variety for P100(yup one hundred pesos only).
Three varieties of suman they sell for the same bargain of 3 for P100, one sweet usual ricey thin wrapped in banana leaves, one thick lumpy rice suman we all dip in chocolate and latik and one made of rice called bibingkang kalamay in green banana wrap shown above.
Their pichi-pichi was not topped in coconut strips - it's cheese and it was more delicious than all the pichi pichi I have tasted in my life.
I have tried all types of kakanin and Bulacan's Mary Anne's Delicacies is not just delicious and yummy - IT'S SO CHEAP!
For more information:
Mary Anne's Delicacies
San Bartolome St. San Pascual, Obando, Bulacan
Products: Pichi-pichi, Tibok-Tibok, Bibingkang Malagkit, Bibingkang Kalamay, Sapin-Sapin, Bibingkang Cassava, Cassava Cake


  1. i see their stall in Market Market. is it really good?

  2. yes, you should try it..cheap and really delicious..don't know the owner though..i just love cheap finds

  3. try mo! Thanks for your comments @Pink Cookies!

  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    what's the name of stall? do they have in Glorietta Makati or megamall

  5. Unfortunately, kiosks in malls they put these goodies has no name, so the signal is when you see loads of suman with other delicacies sold at 3 for 100, then look for the boxes with Mary Anne's, you're in for a real treat!


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