My Birthday Treat at Tramway Garden Buffet

I was busy about a lot of things these days and I rarely celebrate my birthday but having dinner at Tramway Garden Buffet was always something I'd offer to friends. Noreen and Arpee with two of their boys joined us here to feast on Chinese food. I've eaten in so many Chinese restaurants but what makes the place interesting is not the ambience, not the service and not the food...its the diners. For Php205 without drinks, anybody can eat here for hours. The place has two branches, one at Banawe and one at Timog. My first Tramway buffet was the christening of Anna Marie Celeridad, school paper adviser of Judge Juan Luna HS and if I'd compare the Timog Branch, I'd say they serve more dishes in Banawe although the branch there is in a smaller space. The variety of dishes from selection of soups, salads, main dishes and dessert would make you want to eat more as they all taste really fresh and delicious.  It was my fifth time going to the place but I would still go if I'd be invited because the food is really great and the diners were all hilarious getting each dishes like a contest. My students would say this is a "tyuhin" place (as in fat old burly men at 40's) but I saw more senior citizens than men with big appetites. The restaurant is open lunch at 11:30 am to 2pm and dinner at 5-9pm Mondays to Saturdays and Lunch only on Sundays.
For more information:
415-2005 / 410-4237 (Phone)


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