My American Idol Pizza Experience at Greenwich

I made it! Yes! I made it to the Starworld Asia's Extreme Idol Challenge Event today at SM North EDSA Annex. I love ordering pizza from 5-55-55 Greenwich delivery twice a week, watching American Idol because of Ellen DeGeneres and going to an event like this truly satisfied my stomach and my enthusiasm about "Idol" grew more.
Bruno (Lloyd Zaragosa, yes the brother of the famous Jessa), entertained the participants with songs during the event.
The American Idol Pizza is an overload of crunchy shoestring potatoes, on top, meaty tasty bacon, luscious beef burger, juicy bratwurst sausage topped with onions, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and yummy mozzarella cheese. I've become not just an American Idol fan but also an American Idol Pizza fan now.
My son, Cho-u and Jezia Talavera, my editor-in chief for LHS Courier,joined the games and got an American Idol Bag. Sponsors of the said event made possible by Starworld Asia were Del Monte Fit and Right, Smart, Western Union, Fibisco, Cold Ease, Solmux, Herbcare, Sanyo, Skin White, Memo Plus, The Bar, Tekki Shomen and Water Plus, Berocca, American Home, Gardasil and Astring O-Sol. American Idol freebies were given to participants and I was so happy to get a lot of them courtesy of Anna Michelle Pador, PR and Corporate Affairs Manager and her boss (pictures shown below).
Top 13 Wild Card Audition Challenge,contestants, where 13 uploaded videos chosen from YouTube, was presented in the event and participated in the series of games conducted to test their knowledge on the famous American Idol TV show. 
Do visit this site again in the next few days for a contest and win freebies from Greenwich. I would love to share the taste of American Idol experience with all of you so keep posting comments here.