The one about the odd maiming indifference

There was once a spawning character getting the attention of my Korean students who led me to believe that he is decent and considerate of multiculturalism and cultural diversities- with this I meant not simple ideas. To my dismay he wasn’t and he proved worse. Character can change according to circumstances and I was surprised knowing how some i was not indifferent to was more affected with the circumstance than that of concerned. At moments I am most depended on tasks assigned, the intelligible one would approach me personally but none of the ones i’ve expected did so….i did nothing. I need not explain because those who knew me for almost ten years knew how and why I’d clam up and turn deaf and mute in situations when the task is of greatest importance.

When interviewed by a major network about the past election experience, I was itching to express how the electorate was ignorant about the type of partisan politics this country had made as a culture. On television, the characters and personalities are most identified than what they all stand for and the citizens are clueless of what they’d become in the future when elected in position. The senator who backed out in the presidential race would have caught the eye of not only the OFWs leading a reputation not publicized by media. The loudest voices with infomercials funded by the taxpayers rampantly shift political parties in history confusing the thinking few of what platform and propaganda they’d pursue to achieve if elected. Philippine politics continue to exalt in dramas more than the telenovelas shown on television proving no difference to show business. The electorate led by the majority below the poverty line seem adamant of the intellectual few.

Everyone acts like politicians - my friends and those who thought they were my friends - following the lead of many chanting the same language of gossip and senselessness.

The Koreans have taught me that there are only two types of persons living in the world, the leaving person who follows the mainstream and live like everyone else and the lasting person who is solitary observing and alone who leads the former of where to go.

I would never want to be the politician because I’ve chosen to be one who’d be watching.

Post Script:

To those who asks why and how i have become? I don’t know if the optimists or the pessimists are right…I only know that the optimists are going to get something done….