Wrong grammar in Love

So I am writing again. I seldom feel the itch to write as most days seem predictable. These days I’m cluttered with questions I know the answer to. Sometimes, one just needs to hear it. The quest for a soul to simply have the effort to see what’s inside me persists. I need not be understood but at moments I cross paths with one who seemed to be sensible, it leads to disappointment.

I am not looking for love but I do not want to close doors to the possibility I’d bump into one. Everyone seems to feel I have so much love to give and yes, I do but I also heed for one sometimes. Deep inside lurks a soul wanting to be heard. I am probably cursed at giving but the word “curse” seemed gendered. I wanted a person who can simply talk and say views on everything I blab about but all people around me heeds to be heard. This is probably the reason I am blabbing right now.

I lose interest at split second I find out I am with a stupid man. Why would I have to change my language to make you understand? The world knew my unconventional personality and language and why should I be predictable. I know I’m a difficult woman because I am a woman who always loves to blab about the prologue before the real thesis. I know I say too many things before I get to the point and that should give you the idea that I have so much to tell. I love the conversations and I love the individual differences so please learn to argue holding hands. I am not a fortune teller to assume that I should have known better what’s appropriate because I am like you---cynical hermit existing with lost souls. The difference is you assimilate the surroundings and I don’t.

Today I’ve said so many things totally grammatically and semantically unacceptable. I don’t remember what I’ve really said to you but I did for reasons I can’t think of. These things usually happen when I’m overwhelmed with words to say and there isn’t time.

It isn’t even selfishness that you’re drowning in your world by choice and I’m always a seat at the back watching everyone’s perspective. I always feel alone and I should never impose you join me in my solitude. I am at the stage definitely adjusting that I’d have to care and be the calm in the storm of your life because I’ve been one to all who knew me. I’ve actually made the decision that I will. Even if I always feel you make me stupid with your excuses.

Sigh! I’d still believe and let the world think I’m dumb at this because I am a person who never leaves. I am very clear at my intentions…..

In linguistics, wrong grammar shouldn't hinder the learner from speaking. If the objective is fluency, then the discourse should be considered by implication and not by construction. The teacher should always be aware that correcting the mistakes at the moment of utterance may stop the learner from trying to approximate his/her meaning.

I am a socio-linguist.....to my students, to my friends and to you...


  1. Believe me, someone, someday, will understand you truly.


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