When President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo summoned sympathy uttering her concern for the poor and the suffering at her State of the Nation Address last July 28, 2008, it must be noted that she started blaming the worsening poverty and economic crisis to no one but the heavens.
Desperate at boasting her regime's achievements, the peso the goverment collects at each taxpayer should be accredited to her and not the payer. She was also telling the truth saying, "it's hard to identify the villains unlike in 1997 financial crisis" as it will be impossible to admit she is one of the biggest to blame.
When discussing the stroke of bad fate the country in detail, she segued saying she pitied the taxpayers, the "maybahay" and all she defined, "karaniwang Pilipino" and that their greatest gift is education further acknowledging the need to develop the said sector.
Education, she stressed significant factor to further alleviate the existing problems of the country was the same sector she seemed to have failed in years concentrating on trainings for teachers and promoting adopt-a-school program to foreign investors.
Even the technical report of her speech expressed the satirical fact that the government had achieved no progress. The classroom ratio improved reported from 1:50 to 1:45 in seven years of being the President. The mismatch of majors of teachers and the number of classroom shortage remained at shortage as it fell short of the governments expected growth.
The funniest words she ever mentioned was her anticipation that the viewers/listeners will call her speech fiction and that she called it heroism as each is a hero to those where it matters most. Did she anticipate that only her family will appreciate her report of the state of the nation? She was prudent at the choice of words in this 2008 SONA unlike her satirical-taken-from-movie lines 2007 SONA and she succeeded at nothing but to amuse the skeptics in the Filipino, (including me). More amusement when she called at mascots to prove her achievements sampling her projects defending the Value Added Tax. From the clueless jeepney driver to the hyped uncanny fashion of the plastic-beaded necklace "bahag" costume of Nagtipunan Mayor Rosario Camma, Bugkalot Chieftain of Qurino, Aurora and Nueva Viscaya, the Filipino was amused at the characters and not the numbers and figures incremental to proving accountability for VAT.
The latter statements were factual reports on the only achievement from her ten-point agenda, the developments of Roro. In the neglected education sector she stated her reforms clustering programs of CHED and Deped together with other government agencies she vaguely reported.
The corruption she mentioned continued to exist despite her reform programs and the Anti-Graft Act which remained a legislation. She deviated the topic calling for another legislation empowering the consumer.
With all the republic acts passed, the clean water act, solid waste management act, wildlife conservation act, she sought the attention of Congress on more house bills passed on the same sector, the Bio-fuel Act, mentioning jatropha and other alternative fuel systems, defending CNG fuel programs by saying it may not be significant to all but to the next president who will benefit her crusade on the said sector.
The President was not clear on a lot of things reporting the state of the nation last July 28, 2008 but she was clear on saying she needed the help of each citizen to pay further taxes and suffer further in the days to come.