The Real Scrumptuous Barbeque at Reyes Barbeque SM Fairview

With the unreported alarming unemployment rate these days, it was nice to see two young college hopefuls who grabbed the OJT job at Reyes Barbeque in SM Fairview. I noticed them more than the regular service crew before looking at the reasonably priced menu being affected at the numerous high school graduates who'll never have an opportunity to get to a university because of financial difficulties. The hopes in the eyes are seen on the picture not knowing whether they'll even get by with the allowance they will get from this food chain. Still, the owners of this chain deserve my utmost respect as most entrepreneurs would not dare get any like them.

Another look at the counter of this food chain shows you how affordable the price is considering the competitors in the same location.

The specialty of the house was all grilled and what better to order but a plate of pork barbeque (2 sticks) at P35/pc. The whole meal with the canned soda was P115 (vat included). The barbeque looked all meat and those who'd expect the fat chunk to be placed at the edge of the stick would be disappointed because it did almost have fat chunks at all. Instead the preparation of the pork barbeque seemed that the fat chunk was sliced in thin pieces and placed in between the real tender meat and most people would barely notice it at all.

Anyways, the atchara at the side seemed deceiving at its appalling color yet too sweet and tasteless serving.
This restaurant would be most enjoyed by many who loves grilled food and philantropic adventures.