New Tierra Fontana Resort in SJDM and their Uncanny Greedy Cashier

And she thought she could get away with it. A new wave pool resort, Tierra Fontana in Tungkong Mangga, San Jose Del Monte Bulacan teased us all English Department Teachers to visit as it looked new and clean from its print ads on the street walls. Geroussel and I never recalled the department having a teambuilding activity with the group so we opted to join. Funny though that the info thru a text message from our boss arranged at 7am turned out to be 2-9pm so we were surprised to realize we were way too early from the rest getting there at 8am. Geroussel, her hubby Edwin and I approached the counter to ask for the rates and the conditions of the resort. The colored haired vicious cashier said the adult rate was P160 and that the cottage best suited for all our other group members would fit a P700 room with CR. She asked me to pay the cottage at P700 and said that since my other co-teachers would arrive at 2pm. At 12 we got tired of the pool and hired the videoke machine at P100/hr rate. Mrs. Carmela Gonzales (my colleague)arrived at 12noon alone and soon after at 2pm sharp, the same wicked cashier went to our room asking for the entrance fee of the four of us being there at P160 x 4=P640 and the rate of the videoke (I thought) at P120 x 2 =P240 thinking that was the right price for using it from 12-2pm. She took the money with the billing information and provided no receipt. I asked for the said receipt relentlessly from the roving service crew but to no avail until eight other members arrived a few minutes after. When my boss, Mrs. Gabertan arrived, she said that she paid for 3 kids and we continued to party with the videoke as the food and all our members arrived at 3pm. The same cashier approached me inside the room saying that she charged me only 6 entrance fees because the guard in the gate said we were all five when we entered at 8am though she said she saw we were only 3. I was startled to find out we were charged with two kids when the three of us entered so I checked with the guards if they really did note 5 instead of 3. After a long discussion the lesbian(or so I thought) checker explained to the said cashier she noted only 3 and that the 2 kids were noted to have entered later in the afternoon as she recalled using black ink ballpen in the morning and blue after lunch. The greedy cashier constantly insisted there were kids although there were none and after long minutes of argumentation, all the other service crew of the resort confirmed we entered with no kids at 8am and that the kids the guard noted arrived in the afternoon and was paid for by our boss when they all entered together. She was still harassing the lesbian checker threatening that they may all be charged with the misunderstanding. She eventually refunded the P240 as I have shown to all onlookers I will not let her get away with it.
What a disgusting experience from a promising resort expected to boost its marketing at its 3rd day launching. It was my first time to pay P160 for an entrance fee and first time to swim in a public pool since I prefer beach resorts. I swore to never enter any public pools except Ace Water Spa since most pool resorts change water once a week only and imagining that more than a thousand people with bad hygiene and other skin diseases would dip in the same water would kill me. I have gone to a few simply to participate in team building and for the first time in my life, this was the worst experience ever. I will probably understand that the owners were clueless of the secret operations of the greedy employees but the security systems implemented were obviously lousy and ridiculously stupid. They would have checked each cottage (which would not be more than 20 at most) and did headcount and not bother the customers about their lousy operations but instead haggle with, of all people a teacher like me. What is most satirically funny about the incident was that the said cashier personally approached me to inform me that she charged me 6 pax entrance fees when she could have been silent about it since I paid no attention to the bills. When I asked why she was in such a hurry about the fees, she told me of the ridiculous operations that they always remit money and accounting to the owner every lunch time (would they have more than a million in the register like SM Supermarket that they impose the same regulations?). The signage at the arch gateway in the highway was the path that leads to confusing directions of the site. The real turn upon entering the gate was not clear since the arrows were located AFTER THE REAL LEFT TURN. Quite funny and misleading to those who'd expect to be amused knowing it's a new resort. The owners of this business should consider consulting UP MBA graduates for effective and better operations management. They must train their employees well to assist the customers effectively and politely before hiring them. Oh, and the pebbles on the floor will cost much time and money cleaning since the stones would be too difficult to be swept for cigarette butts and other tiny garbages kids may throw. If they were all cemented on the floor, it wouldn't be painful for the customers to walk on them and they wouldn't have to lose slippers beside the pools (which happened to one of my colleagues) since the fences of the pools show sign to take them off. Another uncanny and ridiculous fact about this resort is that they have cottages and rooms with doors but the keys were all missing because the owner of the resort accidentally brought home or the customers took them home. Is the owner too busy with what other business or are they simply all trained to rip off customers?


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    ma'am, wat's d resort's contact numbers?we'd like to find out for ourselves if it's a cool place or if it's as bad as u said it is.pls email me at ty po

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I supposed we are referring to the same cashier.. same experience in a way i guess...

  3. ang liit ng mundo ng internet. naggoogle ako ng resorts na pupuntahan namin ng gf ko paguwi ko from japan, eto napunta ako sa page niyo ma'am.


  4. Anonymous9:16 PM

    april 11, 2011 update

    me and my family just went to that resort. it was a pigsty. everything was dirty and it smelled of pig manure all day. the staff there would treat you like criminals upon entering and they would charge you for your cell phone charger and for your psp charger. those people are common crooks. i wouldn't endorse that shitty resort to anyone for my bad experience in there. i would have retracted my downpayment if it weren't for the kids hurrying to the pool, what can i do but just hide my contempt at that establishment. and the flies, jesus christ, the flies are horrendous in there, since the surrounding lots are pig farms, just imagine the pig manure flies landing on your food

  5. They have tried to reach me through email to apologize for their overcharging but i wasn't aware they have not changed their pigsty ambience. Thanks for the comment @David. I hope they read your complaint.


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