Lunch at Sbarro and Dessert at Scooper Man Magnolia Ice Cream House with Chou

The quest for PSP game led us to SM North and starved this pizza lover baby of mine. I tried to avoid him seeing the number one pizza chain as I enjoy Sbarro more than that. At all pizza chain he'd order the same type of pizza...Hawaiian...and I'd settle for the baked ziti as usual in meat sauce since I am the pasta lover as he is in his...The meal was almost P300 as i barely remember the price of it all being so happy with the money I received from my best friend on my birthday.

Looking at thisi leaflet would not entice you enough as the place is located at the side of The Block at SM North and the name of the place Scooper Man would not completely tease you to come in the shop.

Even the passersby would not take a second look as the signage did not look attractive at all. They'd take a snap look inside the shop after seeing the sign Magnolia. Why? Because the shop was too brightly lit inside and the sign outside did not catch the eyes of many. It must have been the name of the sign or the shocking brightness of the flourescent lamps inside that destroyed the attractive colors of the pictures of parfaits and sundaes at the walls.

But all those designs wouldn't stop an ice cream lover in Cho-u so he ordered his favorite Cookies and Cream Sundae at P65 served in a beautiful square saucer and I settled for the Peaches and Cream Banana Split P135 of which i was certain he'd get from me soon after.

The poorly lit shop which destroyed the purpose of the colorful ice cream tease design at the walls did not stop my Cho-u from enjoying the cream at the long gone tradition of my late father at each celebration of the family.

This server was all smiles and all the rest were all friendly at the shop contrary to the looney posed picture here. They were all delighted to know I'd feature them in this blog. Was the uniform appropriate or in synch theme? Oh but it's the ice cream...yet it would have been better don't you think?