क्रुंच टाइम again

In the midst of gooey discharges craving for fruits to indulge, the hag spatters unnecessary reveries. The atmosphere proved relatively predictable. Angsts and shams sets the mood as it had been in my 9th year prevailing in the world of characters typical of the same nature. For what its worth, the uncanny and pompous ego that perpetrates each character in the workplace does not surprise me, annoy me nor delight me at all. It reminds me of how it is such a travesty of struggles to simply want to chew on a bowl of ginatang kuhol every year. I take it seriously as few and probably none have acquired such an obssessive compulsive habit to do such. The beauty of it all is in the truth that tomorrow brings a certain hope of distinct possibilities. I guess the hag should perk up and seek more enthusiasm from the majority innocent and ignorant of realities and darkness it concludes. The Pandora's box await to tease you..as i prefer to gaze and appreciate the box, i can't help but warn you..ahead may not be nice but it'll teach you wisdom...Be not afraid of anything!