The Food at Five Cows

Here's a look at the wood tables at Five Cows Trinoma with chairs clothed in attractive colorful cushion pillows. The variety of colors of the chairs will surely catch your attention.

Geroussel had this very tall glass of chocolate milkshake which already filled her famished stomach after a long walk at the mall. I was excited to sample the cuisine so I simply ordered a cup of brewed coffee to tease my palate. It was served with a small basin of milk and a choice of sugar.

Geroussel had this grilled porkshop in maple syrup sauce. She was surprised to see the big serving and the exquisite presentation of rice and buttered vegetables. The vegetables were fresh and crispy and the porkshop was sumptuous to the last bite.

I ordered this barbequed chicken in hickory sauce which Geroussel thought was a better choice since the sauce was unforgettable. The chicken meat was tender and juicy that it almost fell off the bone. The chicken we all order may almost taste the same but the sauce spells the big difference. I thought it was hickory though i did not aptly reminded myself how they called it as i was too hungry to recall. You can taste the pungent garlic, the basil and herbs in the sweet and spicy sauce. Yummyyyy!!!