Dana and Kulot in Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante Italiano Fairview

Going to Paranaque Nat'l HS for the T. Valencia Search for Outstanding Campus Journalists famished our writers, Dana and Kulot so we stopped at Fairview to eat. Kulot ordered this very very cheap lesser than P300 14"inch specialty pizza with mushrooms, ham, olives, cheese, salami, ground beef in thick mozzarella topping. The slices were quite big that Dana can't even have more than a piece.

This P150 baked ziti can fill more than 3 plates because of it's huge serving. The sumptuous mozzarella and herbs that is truly Italian was so delicious....Benissimo...right Kulot?

My favorite in this Italian haven is this classic P150 Calzone. This perfect "shoe-pie" surprise is filled with ham, thick three cheese that is smothered with italian sauce in the middle. Dunking a slice of this big pie in the meatsauce is truly a complete Italian heavenly experience. The serving is so big, four people can share the whole shoe.