Soliloquy of a Hag at School

I have nothing to say but is it a Filipino culture that an utterance becomes a prompt for a comment. If I have opted not to react, all the more assumptions generate. At a damn-if-you-talk and damn-if-you-don't situation, the biggest voice always becomes a validation of the truth. From where I grew up, it is more dignified to leave the mass unanswered for it is in silence that they keep wondering what lies beneath. What is laden truth is what the loudest voice presented these days and few people regard dignity to silence and real verification. Have we all gotten lazy seeking and analyzing? To share a thought or two is not simply a goal to be famous and lead. What if it is simply sharing?
My unconventional erratic sleazy attitude towards getting along with everyone was my only effort to not be seen as a cynical smart alec persona in any group. Always misunderstood,within cries the child who heeds simple gratitude at my real unveiled good intentions. Those who knew me would know how grateful I am of simple trivial things.