Plight of an Unconventional Bruha

We are indeed living in a country of ridicule.
Teachers received a memo requiring all to register in designated city halls where they'd be asked to serve. This is so because majority of teachers were able to get cheap housing loans from far-away cities of Bulacan. So then since the process of registration was not relatively linked with the registration processes of other municipalities, i'd frequently ask, how are those registered in Bulacan ensured that their names were erased from the voters lists if they'd simply register in the city halls they'll serve? One teacher in my school questioned since there isn't a control number but a simple acknowledgment receipt with no control tally of names and numbers, how are we able to determine if those names who transferred registration will not become flying voters? The burden of control was given to Division of City Schools but the mobility of residences of teachers are yet to be controlled since the transfer of residence shouldn't be mandatory. ALL TEACHERS TO SERVE WILL ASK, if we did not register in the city we will serve, are we then NOT allowed to vote at the voting precints assigned to us? Isn't that ridiculous to ask teachers to register at the designated city halls instead of simply asking the Board of Election Inspectors lists to confirm in nearby cities and municipalities lists of voters? When senators are asked of how to help uplift the quality of education in the country, they'd say TRAINING of more teachers. That is ridiculuous because the biggest problem still unresolved and will not be resolved unless everybody is aware is still THE GROWING POPULATION which requires MORE CLASSROOMS. The government tried to ease the problem by asking foreign investors and private businesses to adopt a school but the pace of development cannot follow the fast pace of increasing number of students. The number of students will never cease to increase because of the mortality rate overlooked by many. The teachers need to be increased not trained. The classroom ratio remains to be 70:1 and may increase in the next school year. If the government cannot provide more teachers and ask the local fund to provide contractual teachers, at least provide the salary increase due of them according to law. Are they all selfish of their own interests when they keep campaigning they represent the voice of the poor?
Maybe we ought to consider the former move for National ID system to control not only election fraud and flying voters but other issues involving corruption, tax evasion, incestuous marriage, crime control, genealogy, etc... We have yet to unravel the other benefits of having a national i.d. system in this country and this we have to seriously eye in the future.
Who among those who favored the law to omit the vacation pay of teachers should not get my vote for the teachers do not stop working even on summer vacation because of seminars, in-service trainings, early enrolment, accomplishment of forms and clearances. Do they have any idea that the only thing alleviated from teachers on summer vacation is exhausting their throats at large classroom population? You need to consider how much lagged is the status of teachers' salary incongruent to the promise of the 1986 constitution.
Such a ridiculous move to get attention from public, you won't have my vote.
Teaching in public school for 8 years always bug you with a question, Why don't you want to try applying as a teacher in the United States? Or why would you serve the public school when you know you'd get hired in high paying teaching jobs because you are a UP graduate? Then i'd start wondering why they even kept asking such when we all know the UP graduates should better serve the poor majority to uplift the quality of education of many, eh? With a poker face on my reply, "Shouldn't you be grateful i vow to stay teaching in the public school, to help out the majority?", they'd realize my reason and smile thinking i wasn't serious about my answer. At the back of my mind, if they think my answer is ridiculous, i'd think their selfish thoughts and lack of charity is ridiculous.
I saw no politician man enough to sacrifice self-preservation than the welfare of the majority since birth. But i still grip on hope that although nobody deserves to be voted, Divine Intervention will direct its proper course.