Giving UP??

Have i been watching too many movies or i have simply allowed myself to succumb in melancholy? Clueless of what reason to justify why I've chosen to be immobile and numb of its consequences...i am still adamant to make comments on all those mentioned. I would probably be interested in asking for the first time if that chemical of making a person feel attraction or to the slightest possibility has left my system. For i have numbed myself to any letter in the word romance including what most men are drooling for - - sex. I am amused to the things most people won't even inch to look and so passionate about the things most difficult for me. May heaven send an angel above except my wonderful best friend in 12 years for she is the sole person who knows how to calm me down and twists my fate in all these years...I probably miss her so much.. Hope you read this Lori...I love you.