What is ahead?

If someone'd ask what I plan ahead and what i want for the future..., it reminds me of how i was before when i'd ask the same question to the one i loved. Back then, when i was younger, i'd answer in big hopes and i was certain. But as time passes, each day is just another struggle to survive. I have no passion to answer questions anymore. I have no excitement in most things i used to love. I have no interest in most things most people are interested with. And what in heaven's name can still interest me? I've tried all sort of things to entertain my assumptions to be nullified but i end up blaming myself for even entertaining it is worth my time. People are very predictable and situations are inevitable. I just simply breathe in and out and hope that all pain the past had stained will fly away. I pray for each day to make me help others better. I pray for each day for all uncertainties be a little merciful. I have gone through the roughest periods of my life and though i know only God knows what lies ahead. I pray to have more passion to face each day with more enthusiasm. Please interest me...For the flame of philantrophy may die an unpleasing death in my life.