The Tribe Has Spoken

One day I asked myself why I love watching Survivor. I have watched the first season til the Cook Islands. The fascination of watching the twists and conflicts of how people survive in the show is comparable to how each of us survives in the real world. How we all try to succeed and get to the top is played by 16 castaways in 39 days in a deserted island/area with all the circumstance of elements, no food and no other amenities of conveniences. The idea of biting and betraying people to stay alive was always the drama in the show and in real life. Why do I love it? Simply because I am aware I will never ever be part of any circumstance as such. That if ever I’d be part of the show, I’d be the first to be voted out. As Jeff Probst famous line I love to say and have memorized through the years, “Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Those voted out should be asked to leave the tribal council immediately….”, once it’s done, there’s no turning back. In fact I did, I have closed doors and moved on at every circumstance and crossroads of my life. I have accepted the fate of being the one outcast. The one voted out first and the one everyone will fear and pose as a threat. In reality, it is such. I was always feared as a threat at school thinking I’d careem at the top without them knowing as they see me quiet and sneaky. In relationships, I have also stayed the one left out..hahahaha. Contrary to many who speculate my condition and lifestyle, I have remained the solitary confined conservative liberated hag who’d bore the guys and pop his brain out. I have accepted it and I am not a hypocrite it is a happy consequence but I had no choice but to be me. If sacrificing my own self is the key to achieving a successful relationship, I’d bite the guy’s head off and move on to the next. It’s hard to love oneself and sacrifice it to another. It’ll probably take a long time for any man to find out that the secret to nailing me down is simple. I will still be amused to those who have the courage to betray their own tribe to get to the top. I will still be amused to those women who’d love dramas and romance movies and telenovelas, for I can’t be that. I will still be amused to those who believe they are certain when I know they are not. When asked as to what is your purpose in life, they’d quote from a famous international organization or from some religious belief and be satisfied with what Others had already said. Love for god, Love for family and for country and humanity….or the Miss Universe, “world peace”. To your disbelief the truth is simply what you make it. Just when everything falls into place, you think you’re certain…well…you’re not. What life you face but to attend to every tinge, ache and irks that blows your head every minute? I am the same like anybody else. The only difference is, I think more than most people do…I guess..